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a huge alchemical object.


Dec 16, 2023

David had heard before that the top nobles applied alchemy to all aspects of life. He thought it was an exaggeration, but what he saw in front of him told him how luxurious the life of the top nobles was.
You must know that alchemy patterns don’t just require patterns, they also require kryptonite to provide energy.
The consumption of kryptonite is comparable to lamp oil and more expensive than wood.
David even saw a training room in the basement. The floor and walls of the training room were all reinforced with special alchemical materials. A large number of strengthening patterns were drawn on them, making the training room extremely strong and convenient for knights to train inside.
There are no servants left in the villa, or in other words, such a villa with a large number of patterns requires very few servants.
Because the villa does not require cleaning and safety is guaranteed, you only need to consider your daily needs.
“Master, the procedures have been completed. Should we bring servants from home or find new servants here?” When Butler Jason saw David returning to the hall, he immediately stepped forward and bowed and asked.
“We don’t have enough servants at home anymore, so we should try to find servants here!” David thought for a while and said.
The previous decline of the Luce family caused some of the servants to be dismissed, and now they can only maintain the operation of the family.
If you transfer servants from the family, it will inevitably affect the family castle.
“The steward left after the handover. He said that after the formalities are completed, your noble heraldry plate can control the villa. In addition, I also paid the tour guide and let him leave!” Steward Jason continued.
/David nodded and took out the noble heraldry card. As soon as the power of blood was swept away, he felt that there was some connection between the noble heraldic card and the patterns in the villa.
He can control all the patterns in the villa through the noble heraldry card. Of course, in order to make it more convenient to use, many patterns have added operational controls. For example, a chef may adjust the size of the flame through operational controls.
It was a bit late today, and David did not go to take over Qia Ya Manor.
When it gets dark, the central square is very bright, and there are even more people than during the day.
David also became interested. He walked into the central square alone without Andrew Knight and Jason Butler.
Butler Jason did not ask Knight Andrew to follow. On the one hand, David could kill three level three evil god believers alone, and his combat power was enough to protect himself. On the other hand, this was Bama Star.
Planet Bama may be the planet with the largest number of nobles. A large number of nobles gather on this planet, making the security here exceptionally good.
There are even rumors that there are fifth-level Templars on Planet Bama. The influence of the Luce family is very weak, so Butler Jason does not know whether this ru

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