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Dec 16, 2023

Following the maid into the back garden, I saw Princess Madeleine, but there were also Caesar IV and the Queen beside her.
Obviously, it was not Princess Madeleine who invited him here today, but Caesar IV.
With a hint from Caesar IV’s eyes, the maids left one after another, leaving only four people in the room.
“Your Excellency, Marshal, I invited you here in the name of Madeleine, mainly to deceive others.
What happened just now, although we cooperated well, still attracted the attention of interested people. In order not to cause trouble, Wang Mei could only be used as a cover. ”
/Caesar IV immediately explained.
As a king, his every move attracted countless attention. That was enough in normal times. The interests involved this time were too great for him to ignore.
Compared with the Near East, which is always facing the threat of orcs, the land in the Warhammer Kingdom is not only developed and mature land, but also has a much higher safety factor.
The “Ancient Relics Alliance” is just the defeated general of the kingdom. An expeditionary army can cripple them, who would regard them as a threat?
The royal family is not easy to mess with if they dare to cause trouble, not to mention the Principality of Moxi as an ally to share the pressure.
“Your Majesty, it is right to be cautious. The more critical this moment is, the less we can take it lightly.
But the Mossi people also need to urge them. Once you have made up your mind on some things, you must implement them quickly. If you delay for a long time, things may change easily. ”
Hudson responded with a smile.
It is false to urge the Moxi people to speed up the process of annexing the Warhammer Kingdom. The real purpose is to let them fulfill their promises quickly.
Deep down, he really envied Caesar IV. The family wealth left by our ancestors is strong, but it’s different.
The royal territory of Northern Xinjiang is close to the Warhammer Kingdom, and the cakes allocated can support the merger into the royal territory, which happens to be one piece.
As far as Hudson knew, the royal family was planning an action against the five Dukes of Northland. Apart from the past hatred, the most important thing is that they are in the way.
Originally, the three provinces of Northern Xinjiang were the largest territory of the royal family. After merging the land from the Warhammer Kingdom, the area will be even larger.
It requires a large amount of resource investment in a short period of time, but its future development potential is far greater than the royal princes currently controlled by the kingdom.
The royal family is scattered in various provinces, but the two provinces where the royal capital is located are the current foundation of the royal family.
One is “now” and the other is “future”. They are both areas that the royal family cannot abandon and need to focus on management.
The best way is naturally to connect the two largest royal families into one, thus forming a strategic closed loop.
Strategic conflicts are superimpose

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