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he construction speed of the Garmising Castle, but was also worried about the quality of the castle’s construction, and even more strange about the color of the castle. He couldn’t wait to visit it.


Dec 16, 2023

Light gold has a special meaning in the divine world. It is an extremely noble color and represents the ultimate.
This is the color of fifth-grade material, the most luxurious color.
/At this time, Mark Knight descended from the sky. David’s spirit moved, and an alchemy carriage appeared in front of him. Mark Knight took the initiative to sit in the driving seat.
“This alchemy carriage?” Minister Gershwin looked at the alchemy carriage with a strange expression, not knowing what to say.
Because this alchemy carriage still bears the mark of the Barry family, it must have been stolen from the Barry family. Even the noble coat of arms of the Barry family has not been replaced.
“It’s a trophy. I have a shallow foundation. The family’s alchemy carriage in the main city of Bama is the family’s only alchemy carriage!” David explained with a helpless smile.
Gershwin, the minister of noble affairs, had experienced driving a fourth-level sky knight once, but there was no surprise when he saw Mark, a fourth-level sky knight, driving.
But Butler Dickens was shocked. Among the noble families he served before, the fourth-level sky knight was the backbone of the family, and it was impossible for him to drive.
Not to mention the fourth-level sky knights, the third-level earth knights were also highly valued among the previous noble families and would not be used as coachmen.
/But he didn’t say much, he just stepped forward and opened the car door for David and Gershwin, the minister of noble affairs.
David and the Minister of Noble Affairs Gershwin entered the alchemy carriage. Butler Dickens sat on the shaft of the carriage. The alchemy carriage headed towards the castle under the control of Knight Mark.
Gershwin, the Minister of Noble Affairs, found that the carriage moved extremely smoothly. This was the reason for the alchemy carriage, but it was also partly due to the road.
The road leading to the castle was a wide avenue paved with rocks, but what surprised Gershwin, the minister of noble affairs, was the smoothness of the road. In his sight, the entire broad avenue was extremely flat and could not be seen. There is not even a hint of cutting marks, not to mention any undulations.
Landscape plants were planted on both sides of the road, and the Minister of Noble Affairs Gershwin did not recognize the species. They should be plants unique to Garmising.
In the view of Gershwin, Minister of Noble Affairs, this road can be compared to the main road of any large city, but it is just an ordinary road in Garmising.
You must know that the construction of large-scale urban main roads is an investment regardless of cost. Main roads are the core area of ??the city, represent the face of the city, and are also business gathering areas. Only the best roads can create more value.
But building such a road on the desolate Garmis pla

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