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be clearly seen by David, which made David a little stunned. Then he immediately thought of the news reported by Jason Butler. A recruitment order came from the Noble Affairs Office and he needed to go in person. Heed the call.


Dec 16, 2023

David has been practicing in seclusion, but he is not completely closed off from external news. Whenever there is new news from the Noble Affairs Office, Butler Jason will ask Knight Andrew to be sent to Chia Manor.
/He had also heard about the conscription order, which was a matter between the great nobles and should have nothing to do with newly promoted nobles like him.
The temple recruits great nobles because the great nobles have always enjoyed the best resources and the vastest land given by the temple. Therefore, when the temple needs it, the great nobles also need to contribute their own strength.
But David had just become an earl, and there was no corresponding territory reward for this title. The ‘Idol of Ancient Gods’ he gave to Lord Gould, and it would take some time to complete the procedures for exchanging the territory.
So when he received the news from Butler Jason, he was full of doubts. He didn’t understand how the Noble Affairs Office could make such a decision.
Now David has a guess in his mind, maybe it has something to do with Lydgate Sky Knight. With the malice shown by Lydgate Sky Knight at this time, and the trace of pride, he feels that his judgment should not be too biased. .
If Lydgate Sky Knight knew that just one glance would allow his mind to be completely read by David, he would never look at David again.
These days, due to the fact that David had destroyed the Liki family in the main city of Bama, and then the evil god incident occurred, several major temples have begun to take action. The law enforcement team arranged for several sky knights to patrol continuously to deter some evil spirits. Idea man.
David remembered Lydgate Sky Knight. He did not have a broad mind. As long as there was a little information that could confirm that Lydgate Sky Knight was related to the recruitment, he would take revenge.
He doesn’t want to have a sky knight in the law enforcement team who wants to harm him on the planet where he lives. This danger must be eliminated in time.
Lydgate Sky Knight in the sky suddenly felt a chill, and the hairs all over his body stood up, as if he was facing great danger.
Lydgate Sky Knight looked around in the air and found no one else flying in the air, and there was no conspicuous person on the ground nearby.
The only person who appeared was Earl Arthur, whom he was staring at just now, but he didn’t believe that Earl Arthur could make him feel this way.
Even David himself cannot clearly explain David’s current strength.
On the surface, he looks like an earth knight, but his soul and spirit have all reached level five, especially the level five spirit, which makes him equivalent to a level five warlock among the followers of the evil god.
/Although he is very different from a real fifth-level warlock in terms of mental attack meth

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