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Dec 16, 2023

Duke Archibald was very satisfied with the new territory. He and his family’s architect found a high mountain and decided to build a castle on the mountain to facilitate the management of the land.
At this time, the construction of the castle had already begun. This was only an investment by Duke Archibald. He also comprehensively repaired and strengthened all the infrastructure of this new territory.
Although the Dennis family’s planting technology is unique, Duke Archibald’s Nahum family also has very good alchemy herb planting technology, otherwise they would not have spent a lot of money to acquire this land.
/Not only the Nahum family, but also the great nobles who can spend a lot of money to rob Dennis continent, almost all have their own alchemy herb cultivation technology.
The climate of the Dennis Continent is extremely suitable for the cultivation of alchemical herbs, and it has undergone countless years of transformation. It is an important production area of ??alchemical herbs.
This is a big piece of fat, but when the Dennis family was powerful, no nobles dared to fight for it.
Today’s Dennis Continent is under construction everywhere, and every big noble that occupies the land is increasing investment in upgrading and transforming the planting system.
Every day of delay may reduce the output of alchemical herbs. This is a big industry that can benefit from one investment for countless years.
Duke Archibald became excited whenever he thought that this place would become the Nahum family’s greatest interest.
This was an opportunity for the Nahum family to take off. The output here was enough for the family to train many more knights. When he thought about it, he couldn’t help but laugh out loud.
Duke Archibald’s butler took a piece of information from the knight who came on horseback, glanced at it and his expression changed.
“Master, there is an important notice from the Noble Affairs Office!” The butler quickly came to Duke Archibald’s side and said softly.
He also knew that it was not the right time to disturb Duke Archibald’s good mood, but the information in his hand was of great importance, and he could not care less about the timing.
“What’s important?” Duke Archibald emphasized the word ‘important’, showing his displeasure at this time.
“Master, the ownership of Dennis Continent and Cotton Continent has changed!” the steward said as he handed over the information in his hand.
The butler didn’t want to tell Duke Archibald the bad news through his own mouth, so he let Duke Archibald read the information himself.
“What are you worried about if you change the master? This is already an established fact. Which family dares to be enemies with so many of our families at the same time!” Duke Archibald said nonchalantly while opening the information.
But after seeing what was written on the intelligence, he couldn’t continue what he wanted to say.
“Hey, go back!” After a long time, Duke Archibald sighed and said.
/“What about the project here?” The butler had been following

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