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ing mounts, and are now reduced to being servants.


Dec 16, 2023

Twelve fourth-level sky knights came to the long table prepared for food at the side of the hall and took out plates of dishes from the space rings.
Immediately, the entire hall was filled with the aroma of food.
“Lord Arthur, you should hold more cocktail parties. Only by taking advantage of the opportunity of cocktail parties can we taste your amazing cooking!” Lord Gould took some food from the dinner plate and took a bite and said with a smile.
His words aroused the support of all the level 5 experts present, and they all nodded in agreement.
“My energy clone will be stationed in the main city of Dun’er from now on. Everyone is welcome to visit!” David replied with a smile.
David didn’t care about making some dishes. Anyway, no matter which energy clone it was, as long as he controlled it, he could cook peerless food.
“That’s an agreement!” A fifth-level Templar knight said.
Laughter rang out in the hall, especially the Templars who belonged to Lord Gould’s alliance were even more happy.
Even though David invited all the fifth-level Templars, they knew it well and without a certain friendship, they would not come to visit on weekdays unless there was a major event.
Coming to visit Lord Arthur means establishing a deep friendship with Lord Arthur. Once this friendship is established, in addition to the corresponding benefits, possible troubles must also be considered.
Lord Arthur’s enemies include the Lyton family and the Mather family. The Lyton family has been suppressed many times by the temple, and now its vitality has long been severely damaged. Only two fifth-level Templar knights are struggling to support it.
Lord Amos of the Mather family has now disappeared. No one can find his traces. Everyone knows that he is avoiding Lord Arthur.
These are all minor troubles for Lord Arthur, the real big trouble is ‘Twilight of the Gods’.
The fifth-level Templars can become friends with David, but if they want to form a closer relationship, they need to consider that once Lord Arthur asks for help, they will take action against ‘Twilight of the Gods’.
Lord Gould smiled as he looked at the attitudes of many fifth-level Templars in the hall. The attitude of wanting to get close but not wanting to get too close gave him the urge to laugh.
No one here knows Lord Arthur better than Lord Gould. Lord Gould has never seen Lord Arthur ask for help. Even when facing the most powerful enemy, Lord Gould offered to help. Not accepted.
In this way, Lord Arthur kept killing the enemies he encountered one by one, and his own strength also soared.
/Today, Lord Arthur does not need help from others, he is capable of dealing with any enemy.
David was the busiest person at the reception. He interacted with every guest and acted like a host.
/Steward Dickens was on the side directing the fourth-level Sky Knight servants to continuously replenish the food. He felt proud and helpless in his heart.
Lord Arthur cooked a large amount of food just for the reception. This was f

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