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d in the history of ‘Twilight of the Gods’.


Dec 16, 2023

The fifth-level bishop Cameron looked at the planet-level portal not far away. At this time, the planet-level portal was not closed.
It is estimated that all the priests believe that their ‘light magic’ cannot be omitted, so this planet-level portal is not guarded, but people are teleported in and out from time to time.
The planet-level portal on Dun’er is not a public portal. Even Bishop Evans and Bishop Bolin do not have the authority to block this planet-level portal.
Lord Arthur, who had the authority to do so, did not appear, and no one cared about the planet-level portal.
Bishop Cameron, the fifth-level bishop, no longer cares about where Lord Arthur is. When more than two hundred priests appeared, he decided to escape without even bothering to assassinate Lord Arthur.
In fact, after this brief confrontation with Lord Arthur, he had long lost the confidence to assassinate Lord Arthur.
Because Cameron’s fifth-level bishop found that he seemed to have found an opponent in the assassination, Lord Arthur’s fighting method was very similar to the fighting method inherited by the God of Shadows, and he also concealed his body to deliver a fatal blow.
Both of them are assassins who fight in this way. This is no longer a competition of combat power, but a question of how to find each other.
With the shadow magic of the fifth-level Bishop Cameron, Lord Arthur indeed could not find him, but he could not find Lord Arthur either. How could such a battle be carried out!
As the fifth-level bishop Cameron walked around, when he turned the corner and entered the planet-level portal, the gray robe on his body disappeared and was replaced by a set of noble robes, and his face also gained an appearance.
This face is an alchemical mask, transforming into a real face that no one can detect.
/As an old monster who has lived for a long time, the body and face of the fifth-level Bishop Cameron have long been severely damaged. Gaining a longer lifespan through multiple sacrifices of secret techniques is not without cost.
There’s not much difference between his body and the legendary demon. It’s okay inside ‘Twilight of the Gods’. Everyone is the same and no one cares about anyone else.
When acting outside, you cannot reveal your true face, you must hide your face.
The fifth-level bishop Cameron came to the planet-level teleportation gate like an ordinary nobleman. He took out a sign and handed it to the teleportation manager.
“I’m going to Planet Erluo!” Cameron, the fifth-level bishop, put on a formulaic smile on his alchemy mask, and his voice was also processed so that it no longer sounded harsh.
“Please wait!” The transmission manager checked the identity and set the transmission destination as ‘Erluo Star’.
Erluo Planet is a purely commercial planet. The people on that planet are extremely complex. Not only are there nobles, but many followers of the evil god also use it as a supply place.
Since Erluo Planet is surrounded by multiple satellites, and the satellites are a

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