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ost of using the Death Incarnation once is also very high. As long as you take action, the divine power in the Death Incarnation will be consumed. Eventually, the Death Incarnation will run out of energy, and the divine thoughts in it will return to the Death God body.


Dec 12, 2023

Since there are cracks in the statue of the God of Death, it means that the incarnation of the God of Death has been destroyed. This is what the fifth-level bishops present are most worried about.
“Wait for a while and wait for the conclusion of the intelligence analysis before making a decision!” Bishop Kingsley said in a deep voice.
No fifth-level bishop is willing to take action against an opponent who may have a god-level attack power. As long as there is this possibility, they must hide as far away as possible.
The fifth-level bishops are extremely afraid of death, otherwise they would not do anything to extend their lifespan.
Little did David know that he had killed the fifth-level bishop Bunian and the fifth-level bishop Monsarat, delaying the plans of many fifth-level bishops to deal with him, or even canceling them directly.
He was currently in the secret room inside Jiamixing Mountain, looking at the space debris suspended above the magic circle.
“Alexis, can this space anchor stone really contain space debris?” Before preparing to take action, David still asked worriedly.
“Master Arthur, as long as you use your mental perception, you should be able to find the space anchor of the space anchor stone. Generally, there are at least two space anchors in the space anchor stone. Each space anchor can fix a space fragment!” Heilongya Alexis explained patiently.
/David nodded, and his spirit entered the artifact space card. Within the space card, he found four light points, one of which was particularly bright, while the other three light points were dimmer.
He shared his spiritual perception with the black dragon Alexis and wanted to hear the black dragon Alexis’s opinion.
“This space anchor stone actually has four space anchors!” Alexis, the black dragon, sighed.
In fact, the God of Death created the artifact space card and did not intend it to be used by others. This inherited artifact is related to the cultivation of Death’s followers.
The god of death naturally does not consider the cost of the artifact he uses for himself. In addition, the space anchor stone is too rare. If the god of death is lucky enough to get one, there are no other options.
David focused his spirit on one of the three dim light points. He felt that his spirit was in contact with the light point. He needed to use his spirit to connect to the space fragments to fix the space fragments.
His spirit connects to the space fragments in front of him, and then guides the spirit together.
The surface of the space debris dimmed slightly, but instead the light from the space anchor flourished, and the huge size of the space debris was pulled into the small artifact space card.
“This is successful!” David said while sensing the extra space fragments in the artifact spa

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