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und, he felt the benefits of his improved spirit. His perception became more sensitive. He could faintly feel the subtle fluctuations flowing in the air. Those were Fluctuations of various signals.


Dec 12, 2023

This kind of fluctuation, which could only be detected through instruments, was actually able to sense some strong fluctuations after David activated his perception with all his strength.
This is of no use, because even if he senses the fluctuations, he cannot analyze the meaning of these fluctuations. Maybe it will be possible if his spirit is stronger.
Thinking of his spirit rising again, he couldn’t help but look at the ‘Master Brain Spirit Potion’ in front of him.
However, he will not use it until he truly understands the ‘Master Brain Psychological Potion’. Even Emma will not let Emma use it until he has a complete grasp of the ‘Master Brain Psychological Potion’.
David began to count the trophies in the space items. After seeing various second-grade weapons and thirty-two pieces of second-grade materials that were almost full of space items, he became worried about how to deal with these trophies.
After David checked the space items, he turned his attention to the knowledge light ball in Shadow Warrior’s body.
In this battle, David was full of firepower, and he used his strategies and tactics to the extreme, which was why he achieved such results.
In fact, Master Big Bard, Little Bard, and Master Bryce were not able to display their own strength at all, so David used tactics and strategies to gain an absolute advantage.
Although he showed great confidence when confronting the five weapon masters, he was very aware of his own strength.
After David’s weapon mastery reached the master level, it was almost impossible to practice and improve on his own.
/A lifetime of experience from others, from training to fighting, to life and death tests, and the improvement in weapon mastery he had gained were easily integrated into his own use. This was already an extremely rapid improvement.
If you want to improve even a little bit, you may not be able to do it in several years just by relying on your own practice and hard work.
So David was very eager to see the knowledge light ball he was about to see, and he looked into Shadow Warrior’s body.
The green light was very conspicuous among the many knowledge light balls. David’s heart moved. There were definitely more than five green master-level knowledge light balls.
His mind controlled the Shadow Warrior, and all the green orbs of knowledge separated individually.
A total of seventeen master-level knowledge light balls almost made David confused. He never thought that there would be so many master-level knowledge light balls.
David used his mind to command the Shadow Warrior to display the properties of all the master-level knowledge light balls. Immediately, David saw the detailed properties of the seventeen master-level knowledge light balls.
/Singing (88% satisfactory), Literature (91% satisfactory), Literature (34% satisfactory), Mathematics (86% satisfactory),

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