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against the fifth-level strong ones at the same level.


Dec 17, 2023

According to records, if the main body is not used, the ancient god only needs a look to cause the energy clone to collapse.
Therefore, the God of Slaughter must participate in the battle in his own body, which brings danger.
“Haha, I feel like I have lost the courage I had when I used energy clones every day. Fight well this time, or my body will become rusty!” Lord Ferdinand broke the silence with a loud laugh.
In order to become the fifth-level Templars, the five of them went to the most dangerous battle star to experience and fight against the followers of the evil god. As they grew up, they often wandered on the edge of life and death. However, after becoming the fifth-level Templars, the pressure on their families came under pressure. They have to be careful and can no longer take risks like before.
“The old lion is right, don’t think too much, just fight!” Lord Luke also laughed and said.
“We started to make arrangements. Each family will produce four sky knights, and the alchemy materials will be divided equally. After the god is successfully killed, I will take two shares, and you will each take one!” Lord Gould ignored their enthusiasm and explained.
The other four lords had no objections to this arrangement. This had been agreed upon a long time ago.
The purpose of coming here this time is to meet and swear an oath to reassure the five lords.
Lord Gould discovered the information about the God of Wood, and would later provide the location of the God of Wood. He was the one who initiated the whole thing, so he got an extra share. On this point, the other lords agreed.
Everything went smoothly, putting smiles on the faces of the five lords.
They are all ambitious and ambitious, and are not willing to remain Templars until the end of their lives.
/The opportunity in front of them may be their only chance in this life, a weak ancient god, a blocked news, and five Templar Knights who are familiar with each other.
They believed that they would create history and use the divine body of the God of Wood to break through the fifth level and achieve the legendary sixth level.
For this reason, the five lords are willing to fight once, even if they have to pay everything.
The five lords were also worried that what they were talking about would be known to the temple, so they used the power of the many bloodlines on the first floor to influence the gods’ exploration.
The power of blood can affect the detection of gods to a certain extent. This fact was learned from the books seized from the evil god.
Talking about killing gods is likely to trigger a reaction from the gods. This does not refer to the gods of the woods, but the gods who rule the world now.
The five lords need to meet to confirm the plan to kill the gods. This is a necessary process, otherwise their mutual distrust will cause the plan to kill the gods to fail.
/To trust each other, one must swear an oath, and the God of Slaughter must be mentione

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