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tter than His Highness Mingxi.” It’s so far away, how can you have the face to say that our dragon race is an inferior race?”


Jan 31, 2024

Someone else laughed and said: “I heard that when Young Master Hong Bo came, he boasted loudly and asked His Highness Mingxi to fight Xu Ying first. After His Highness Mingxi was defeated, he came to defeat Xu Ying. I didn’t expect that he would be so unbearable that he could not even attack Xu Ying. I can’t even catch it.”
“Could it be that the Saints on the other side are an inferior race?”
When Young Master Hong Bo heard this, he was angry and angry, and shouted: “Fart! You have poor vision, and you didn’t realize that he didn’t use it before.”
Before he could finish speaking, a mouthful of blood spurted out, barely able to withstand the impact of the earth-opening magical power within his body.
Yuan Heng, Yuan Bugui and others hurriedly offered sacrifices to the ancient gods to help him suppress Xu Ying’s magical powers.
/The other dragon clans were quite dissatisfied with these elders. Man Kongming said angrily: “Xu Ying came to the Celestial Realm and called himself barbarians. He was very humble. This young master Hong Bo came to the Celestial Realm and called us barbarians, an inferior race! How many of you! Why do elders protect this guy?”
Many dragon clans echoed endlessly.
The elders were a little embarrassed. But they still have to save Young Master Hong Bo, otherwise the other side will be angry, and the world of immortals may be devastated!
When the dragon immortals around him saw this, they started talking even more. All kinds of ridicule, sarcasm and insults were clearly heard in Hong Bo’s ears, impacting his Taoist heart and making him unable to concentrate on fighting against Xu Ying’s earth-opening magical power.
This kind of ridicule is even more difficult to resist and break than Xu Ying’s magical power. If he can’t resist and breaks his Taoist heart, he will most likely be directly disabled by Xu Ying’s magical power, and he may even die and his Taoism will disappear!
He indeed underestimated Xu Ying’s ability.
Previously, he watched Xu Ying’s battle with Emperor Mingxi, and felt that Xu Ying’s ability was just like this, not much better than Emperor Mingxi’s.
But when he actually faced Xu Ying, he realized that Xu Ying was not what he thought at all.
Xu Ying’s grasp of the timing of the battle, his use of magical powers, his understanding of the avenue, and his incomparably powerful magic power and explosive power have all reached the extreme!
/Xu Ying’s attack on his Taoist heart was also extremely clever. It took more than two hundred moves to defeat Emperor Mingxi, and only one move to defeat him. This is a huge blow in itself!
Only now did he believe what Lu Yiren said: Underestimating the enemy will lead to death!
“With my strength, I will not be defeated by one move. I will be defeated because I underestimated the enemy. Steady my Taoist heart, I must steady my Daoist heart, otherwise I will be split open by the power of that axe!”
He closed his

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