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His true energy was vibrating, and he tried his best, thinking: “In just a short time, I don’t believe you can combine the skills of the Qi Refiner and create another magical skill! Look at my Immortal Killing Finger!”


Jan 31, 2024

His finger was filled with a stunning fairy light. Fairy energy circulated around the finger. The fingertips trembled, and phantoms appeared one after another, some fast and some slow, as if they were attacking Zhou Qiyun from different time and space!
Zhou Qiyun also pointed out, the sad old man’s pupils shrank, and he was horrified: “The Immortal Killing Finger? Where did he get the Immortal Killing Finger? Yes, he made the Golden Captain and dug so many graves. He probably dug up my teacher’s grave too!”
A series of dull sounds came, and all the phantoms of fairy light disappeared, leaving only two people’s fingers colliding together.
Just hearing a click, the sad-looking old man’s fingers were broken, and with a cry of pain, he turned around and walked away, thinking: “He refined all the activities hidden in the clay pill into his physical body. This physical body is close to the body of an immortal, and under my superior!”
He jumped up, only to see the sky and the earth hanging upside down again, and he rushed towards Zhou Qiyun again!
“He already has magical means!”
The two of them exchanged another move, and the sad-looking old man was injured even more. He jumped into the air and escaped again.
This time, the operation of Zhou Qiyun’s skills was slightly stagnant, but he escaped!
The sad-faced old man vomited blood in his mouth and flew away. He was panicking in his heart: “Zhou Qiyun has made rapid progress. He must have promised to give him the true method and did not fool him! He has practiced the Qi Alchemist technique, plus the nine layers of Niwan’s secret God, your cultivation strength is already above mine!”
He fled in a hurry, passing through the mountains of the New Land. Suddenly, I saw someone playing chess on the mountain ahead. One was an old man in white and the other was a woman in red. The sad-looking old man felt happy and hurriedly came down!
Those two people were the ones who intercepted Xiao Fengxian. When they saw that he was injured, they were shocked and stepped forward to check.
/The woman in red quickly said: “Who hurt you?”
The sad-looking old man vomited blood and shouted: “Zhou Qiyun!”
/Before he finished speaking, the two of them felt that danger was coming. The old man in white didn’t care to turn around, his soul jumped up, and put his palms behind him, just in time to meet Zhou Qiyun’s Immortal Killing Finger.
Although it was only one finger, the force of the finger gathered the power of the whole body, and the soul could not stop it. It was penetrated through the palm, penetrated from the back of the heart, and the front chest exploded!
The old man in white spurted blood from his mouth, and the blood dyed his white clothes red.
His original strength was not so bad, mainly because Zhou Qiyun made a sneak attack and caught him off guard, so he wa

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