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ften say is that you will be the bad guy and I will be the white face, or they will make two preparations, you surrender and I will resist, both of which can save the life of the Dragon Clan. All kinds of things.


Jan 31, 2024

What Cang Zhu is doing now is what they often do between them, one is black and the other is white, one surrenders and the other resists.
In the past, when they encountered any difficulties or dangers, they relied on this method to protect the dragon clan.
“Brother Cangzhu Dao, things are different now.”
Emperor Ming Dao stopped Cang Zhu’s offensive and said earnestly, “The distant ancestors have found a new dragon pattern that can resist Huanhua. The other side will never allow this to happen, and will definitely come to clean it up! Now one black and one white can’t get through. Got it!”
Emperor Mingdao was furious: “Cut off all the abyss and cut off the connection to the other side, so that we can protect ourselves! Today, there is no need for a white face or a black face. You listen to me for once today!”
On the other side, Prime Minister Yuan Heng, Yuan Bugui, Meng Santong and others also found out that Emperor Ming Dao was fighting against King Cangzhu Zhen, and heard the transmissions from the two Immortal Realm beings, and each of them hesitated.
“Prime Minister, do you want to kill Dongyuan yourself?”
Yuan Bugui said, “Your Majesty said the situation is serious. If we don’t kill Dongyuan ourselves, I’m afraid it will be taken advantage of by the other side. Let’s make a quick decision!”
Yuan Heng hesitated for a moment and said: “Beheading ourselves in Dongyuan will cause great losses. If we all kill ourselves, how can we resist foreign enemies?”
He glanced at Xu Ying, who was flying around with his sword to kill strangers, and then looked at Yuan Ancestor, Ancestral God and others, and said: “Now, we must consider the matter in the long term. It is better to persuade His Majesty and the True King to let them truce. Let’s hold a meeting of dragon clan elders and vote at the meeting.”
Before he could finish speaking, suddenly from the Dao realm of an elder of the Dragon Clan who had not beheaded Dongyuan, the Ancient God Yuanshen who had practiced diligently stepped out and crushed the elder’s head with a click!
The elder had no idea what had happened, so he died and disappeared. All his cultivation turned into surging true energy, and the great path that had been tempered for thousands of times became the property of others.
/That Ancient God Yuan Shen walked out of his eighth-level Tao realm, and even the Dao realm where the elder practiced hard had turned into something belonging to the Ancient God Yuan Shen!
As for Dongyuan, it hangs high behind the head of the ancient god Yuan Shen.
He turned his head, glanced around, suddenly rose into the air, and killed a dragon who was practicing his technique!
The strong man from the dragon clan had developed a lot of skills, but the techniques were all his own. Although he was cut off from Dong Yuan, he had a flaw in his body and was kille

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