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come and give me a lift!”


Jan 31, 2024

Taoist Luo drove into Yuanfu Temple leisurely with a smile on his face. His eyes fell on the body of Taoist Duanmu and he couldn’t help but be stunned.
His palms were trembling, and he squeezed the armrest of the chariot hard, lest he lose his composure.
“Tong, Tian”
Taoist Luo’s upper and lower teeth were grinding together. He was so angry that he suddenly shouted and the chariot flew through the air and headed straight for Biyou Palace!
When he was halfway there, he calmed down and stopped driving, his face uncertain.
“Tongtian came to kill Duanmu and rob me of my fate, just to avenge Zhangsun Shenghai and Xu Ying! If I go to Biyou Palace and join forces with him, Brother Hua and Lin Dao may not help me, but will I’d love to see him and me both lose!”
Taoist Master Luo exhaled a breath and whispered, “The only plan now is to be patient and find another Taoist master to take his place. However, only four Taoist masters were prepared this time, but Ji Cang and Xu Ying were together. Run to Zhaojie”
At this moment, Taoist Master Ji Cang took a boat and returned to the Chaos Sea Ferry.
Taoist Master Ji Cang returned to the other side, his eyes flashed, and he whispered: “Taoist Master Hua released me just because he intended to make me their scapegoat. He deliberately asked me to take away the Four Innate Flags, but I will These four flags were given to Xu Ying and them. Now that I return to the other side, they will not be able to know my whereabouts.”
/He drifted away and said leisurely: “Hua Shengsheng, Lin Chuanting, Luo Shizong, you want to kill me, and you’re not even close!”
He sneaked into the other side, hiding his traces, and thought to himself: “This time, we still don’t know who is plotting against you! Who knows, I can join forces with other Taoist masters to kill you!”
On the other side, Taoist Master Hua also followed his induction and pursued Taoist Master Xiang Kun.
Taoist Master Xiang Kun was originally suppressed by him in Tianyin Palace, but he designed to revive Xiang Kun a few years ago. When Xiang Kun left, he took away Tianyin Palace, the innate spiritual treasure used to suppress him, and disappeared.
/But to Master Hua, Xiang Kun’s every move was under his watchful eye.
This time he came after Tianyin Palace.
Tianyin Palace has been refined by him for who knows how long, but it is still easy to hide his brand in it.
It didn’t take long for Hua Dao Master to track down the Lancang Forest, which was also an inaccessible restricted area. Countless tree branches covered the sky, blocking the sky. The jungle was dark, humid, and the sky was invisible.
People who enter it never return, and no one has ever been able to come out alive.
Master Hua frowned slightly and looked at the Lancang forest. Others didn’t know where the Lancang restricted area was, but he knew it clearly. He was the one who created this restricted area. Back then, he killed the Taoist Master Duya here and suppressed his body here.
“How did Xiang Kun come here?”
Confused, he walked in

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