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Jan 30, 2024

A figure slowly emerged from the ruins, with a heavy sense of oppression, and said indifferently: “The Three Realms were originally the source of the flood we found. The Lord of the Avenue opened up the source of the flood, and the Three Realms were born. The Three Realms were originally used to provide We were the ones who evaded the calamity, but you were not there at that time. If it comes first, then we are the first, and you are the last!”
/Other relics followed, and the ancestor god snorted, took out his long sleeves, and pocketed the infinite time and space into his sleeves.
After the core of Hongyuan merged into the Three Realms, his magic power was almost endless. This statue carrying the immortal relics of the front court was actually covered by his huge sleeves!
The masters of the ruins woke up one after another, looked up, and saw that the starry sky was like a wheel, extremely brilliant, surrounding them, forming a cylinder.
On the wall of the tube, there are countless stars, densely packed together, forming an unbreakable chasm!
“Fellow Taoist, you are a deity formed after the Great Dao Master opened up the Three Realms. Your life was given by the Great Dao Master, so don’t be obsessed with it!”
The masters of the ruins each took action, and suddenly the sleeves of the ancestor gods exploded, and countless stars turned into auras and danced.
The Ancestral God’s aura surged, and the aura that filled the sky suddenly shrank away, then turned into His sleeve, and said in a deep voice: “Do you have any evidence for saying this?”
At this moment, Yuan Ancestor Jiao Teng flew forward, transformed into a majestic dragon-headed man, and attacked one of the ruins, shouting: “Ancestral God, why should you be polite to them? If they don’t want to go back, then beat them back!” ”
In that ruins, the immortal was lying in the coffin, and suddenly he sat upright. His breath stirred the stars in the sky and caused chaos. He was no weaker than his distant ancestors.
The two sides fought with each other, but after only a few moves, Yuanzu immediately realized that the other party’s Taoist and magical powers were far superior to his own, and he couldn’t help but feel a sudden change in his heart.
He followed Xu Ying and others to understand the core of Hongyuan, and his Taoist knowledge greatly increased, his Taoism improved, and his cultivation level was far better than before. But I didn’t expect that it was still much weaker than the immortal who was tortured by fate in the front court!
“I should also practice Xu Daozu’s new way. If I don’t practice it, I will only go further and further down this wrong path.” He thought to himself.
Although he is also in the immortal state, his physical soul is imitating the ancestor god. He has unparalleled power, but he has not reached the level of the Great Dao.
When he understood the core of Hongyuan, he had already realized the limitations brought to him by this wrong path of cultivation. Others understood Hong Yuan’s core and gained even more

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