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ins were revealed, so this female ghost was trapped in the mirror three thousand years ago. She must know many things here. If there is an ascension place here, she must have heard about it!”


Jan 30, 2024

Xu Ying walked into the room, took off the bronze mirror on the dressing table, and said, “Girl in the mirror, we are not bad people. We want to ask you something.”
In the bronze mirror, when the female ghost saw the big clock, she panicked and hid under the bed in the mirror, not daring to show her head.
Xu Ying frowned slightly and asked Da Zhong, “What have you done to others?”
Da Zhong said nonchalantly: “I didn’t do anything. Xian Qi looked in the mirror. When people saw monsters, they were frightened. I felt that Xian Qi had done something wrong, so I went into the mirror to comfort her. I didn’t want to be misunderstood.” ”
It said sadly: “She thought I was a bell demon.”
Xu Ying understood the cause and effect, and tried to be as kind as possible, saying: “Girl, we are not bad people, we just want to find out if there is an ascension place in Wuwu Mountain. If you tell the truth, we will help you unblock it. If you don’t tell us, we will Don’t blame Zhong Yao for being ruthless!”
The big clock hummed.
The female ghost in the mirror was too frightened to come out from under the bed.
Xu Yingdao: “Master Zhong”
The female ghost quickly crawled out from under the bed and waved to them, indicating that she did not know what the ascension ground was.
Xu Ying explained the Ascension Land, and suddenly the female ghost’s eyes lit up. She drew on the mirror, drew a geographical map of Wuwu Mountain, and then pointed to one of the locations.
Xu Ying shook his head and said: “Wuwu Mountain has fallen, and the geography has changed drastically.”
The female ghost paced in the mirror, thinking for a moment, then suddenly her eyes lit up and she pointed in a direction with her finger.
/Xu Ying’s heart moved slightly. He followed the direction of her finger and walked out of the house. When he came outside to look, the female ghost was pointing to the inside of Wuwu Mountain.
“Xiao Qi, do you want to go find the Ascension Land?” Xu Ying asked.
An Qi was studying the sword energy on his own and didn’t hear it.
Xu Ying secretly praised Qi Ye for his diligence, and together with Dazhong, walked in the direction pointed by the female ghost in the mirror.
The rusty bronze mirror floated in front of it, as if someone was holding it, but I couldn’t see where the person was. Xu Ying and Dazhong followed the bronze mirror all the way to the place where Wuwu Mountain was broken. The female ghost in the mirror was flickering. They searched for a long time and suddenly stopped.
Xu Ying hurriedly came to the front and saw a hole at the break of the mountain. However, it had broken along with the break of Wuwang Mountain, making it difficult to detect easily.
“So, the place of ascension is not in Qinyan Cave, but inside the mountain. The girl in the coffin entered Qinyan Cave just to commemorate the owner of Niwan Palace.”
Xu Yi

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