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i Chen raised his head and saw this situation, and his heart suddenly thought: “The existence of the Yuanshi Realm is here in person! If this existence of the Yuanshi Realm can defeat the Yuanshi Yuanshen, then I can join forces with the Dao Alliance Nine Halls to try Give it a try and break into this immortal palace!”


Jan 30, 2024

The old man riding a donkey should be as old and as powerful as the two Taoist ancestors of the Hunyuan Universe. He was also alarmed by the resurrection of the “Chaos Lord” and was ready to prevent his resurrection!
The donkey carried the old man and walked leisurely towards the Yuanshi Yuanshen. It seemed slow, but the speed was not slow. In an instant, he arrived in front of the Yuanshi Yuanshen.
The old man stood up from the donkey’s back, and in an instant he became extremely majestic, with ferocious muscles and incomparable strength, like a giant who could tear apart the body of chaos and open up the avenue to establish the universe!
The old man opened and closed, fighting in close combat with the Yuanshi Yuanshen. Every move and every move, just the aftermath of it invaded the chaotic sea on both sides, and earth-shattering changes occurred!
With one move after another, countless stars are born, Taoism overflows, and the Great Dao of Heaven and Earth is born!
One of the two was in physical form, the other was in spirit. The battle lasted very short, only five moves passed between breaths.
After five moves, the old man suddenly coughed up blood. He wanted to spit out his heart, liver, spleen, lungs and kidneys, and his breath became exhausted rapidly!
/He fell on his back and his body shrank rapidly. The donkey stepped forward, caught the old man, turned around and ran away, shouting: “I just said you can’t beat me, so you have to run out and fight. Now you know how powerful you are.” ?”
The old man was dying and struggled: “Run!”
The donkey let out a long cry of “er ah” “er ah” and ran wildly, escaping into the sea of ??chaos.
And all around, there were commotions in the chaotic sea, as if some giant creature was frightened, and they all moved away from this place.
When Di Chen saw this situation, his expression changed slightly. He immediately gave up his plan to enter the Immortal Palace and turned around to leave. He was still wondering: “Strange, why didn’t Chaos Bell and these strange people from Chaos take action? If they had taken action, we would definitely not have survived. possible!”
Before Dao Ji and others reached the gate of the Immortal Palace, their expressions suddenly changed when they saw him leaving. Taoist Daoji took the first step, and without saying a word, he transformed into a flood source of annihilation and flew away through the sky.
Upon seeing this, several other palace masters also left one after another, not daring to make any stop.
/The strength shown by the Chaos Lord’s spirit after its resurrection was so powerful that the spirit alone was able to force the giants hidden in the sea of ??chaos to retreat. Even if they stay, they will only die.

By sangna