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Heaven and Earth has been drained! The Avenue of Heaven and Earth is still there, but it has no power! Therefore, instead of calling it a tide of the Avenue, it is better to call it a tide of the Avenue. It’s the tide of the void!”


Jan 30, 2024

Yuan Weiyang blinked and said: “You mean that the avenues appeared during the formation of the universe. They have no energy. They are empowered by the void, so the avenues have energy. Right?”
Xu Ying clapped his hands heavily and said with a smile: “That’s the truth!”
/Yuan Weiyang continued: “There are universes floating in the sea of ??chaos. The energy of the Dao in each universe is basically the same, with slight fluctuations at most, causing the same Dao to be strong and weak. But occasionally a phenomenon will appear, and the void will not be the same. Instead of empowering them again, they suddenly drained away the energy, which resulted in the phenomenon of tidal wave of the avenue!”
Xu Ying’s eyes flashed and he said: “I also have this speculation. I think the tide of void caused the Dao to lose its power and create an energy vacuum. Therefore, all the monks in the heaven, including the Dao Master, lost their power. Even the Dao Master and others There is nothing we can do about this terrible existence.”
“But where does the void tide come from?” Yuan Weiyang asked.
Xu Ying was also puzzled. The void tide was a phenomenon, but what was the cause of this phenomenon?
“But Weiyang, your discovery has solved a big problem for me!”
Xu Ying was excited and said with a smile, “I have been thinking about how to integrate the Void Avenue with the Nine Innate Paths. All I ever thought about was how to add the Void Avenue to them and let the void become a part of my physical body. ! Now I want to understand, why should I blend into it? The void does not need to blend into it, the empowerment of the void is the key!”
The problem that had troubled him for hundreds of years suddenly became clear, and Xu Ying couldn’t help laughing.
“This is tolerance! The Void and the Nine Paths do not merge, but go hand in hand and complement each other! I am finally going to step out of the Nine Innate Paths! Weiyang, if you take this step, you will be unprecedented!”
He was extremely excited and terrified at the same time.
This is an unexplored field, which means great achievements, but also means many difficulties.
If I embark on this path, I’m afraid there will be no seniors to learn from!
Because there is no one ahead.
I am a senior!
Seniors may go very far, or they may die on the way!
Yuan Weiyang couldn’t help but be happy for him, and said with a smile: “I have never been able to help you, but now I can finally help you. Staying here for too long will not be good for your health. Let’s talk about it when we go back.”
Xu Ying also noticed that he was being blurred faster and faster, which was a bit unbearable, and he nodded quickly.
The two of them left the void, and when they were happy, they delved into the avenue of void. Xu Ying’s goal was to improve his attainments in the voi

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