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ing knife hanging on his waist, and Qitou shoes on his feet.


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“Why the name Chaos Empire?” Xu Ying asked.
Cang Yu Taoist said: “The Chaos Empire is just what the strong men of the Chaos Sea call it. This empire has gathered many universes and called itself the Hunyuan Immortal Dynasty, forming an extremely large imperial capital called the Huangji Imperial Capital. The Huangji Imperial Capital is under its jurisdiction The number of universes is not inferior to that of the Dao Alliance. Their emperor is not inherited by blood, but selects the strongest person to ascend the throne, and is honored as the Hunyuan Immortal Emperor, which means the supreme emperor of the Chaos Sea.”
Wen Nanxun didn’t know much about these things, so he listened quietly.
/Xu Ying looked towards the white palm holding the treasure seal, and saw that the owner of that big hand was descending from the void.
As he came, his figure gradually shrank, gradually becoming the same as that of an ordinary person. However, whenever one laid eyes on him, it seemed as if one could see an incomparably majestic figure at the end of the road!
“This generation of Hunyuan Immortal Emperor, nicknamed Emperor Chen, is the supreme power of the Hunyuan Immortal Dynasty. The Immortal Seal in his hand should be the Jade Seal of the Passage, the Hunyuan Dao Celestial Seal, which symbolizes the supreme imperial power.”
Taoist Cang Yu said quickly, “It is rumored that this treasure was made by generations of Hunyuan Immortal Emperors. It gathers all the great emperors of the Hunyuan Immortal Dynasty at the end of the road. It is one of the highest treasures in the Chaos Sea.”
Xu Ying’s eyes were attracted by the figure of Hunyuan Immortal Emperor Di Chen, and he looked at him intently. He felt that as Di Chen walked toward him, his figure became more and more majestic, and the light around him became more and more blazing!
Gradually, in his eyes, Di Chen’s figure overlapped with the Dao Jin mark behind him. At this moment, the person and the mark were one, and the broken Hunyuan Dao Tian Seal at the end of the avenue also closed by itself, and merged with the Hunyuan Dao Tian Seal in his hand. Seals overlap!
Today’s Emperor Chen is extremely powerful. Even on top of the giant black coffin and under the Chaos Bell, Xu Ying can feel a suffocating sense of oppression coming towards his face!
However, Chaos Bell still took his time, dragging the black giant coffin forward, as if he didn’t notice Di Chen and the Hunyuan Dao Tianxi.
Xu Ying suddenly asked: “Is there something wrong with the Chaos Empire? Emperor Chen is so powerful, and even if other emperors of the Immortal Dynasty are not as good as him, they are not far behind him. Why is there such a change of generations?”
/Taoist Cang Yu was also startled, shook his head and said, “I don’t know either.”
Wen Nanxun also thought of the key and said: “Also, how did the Hunyuan Immortal Dynasty escape the catastrophe of annihilation? Logically speaking, the lifespan of the Hunyuan Immortal Dynasty is the same

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