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d the shape of a big bell. It was exactly the shape of Master Zhong. It was the magical power of the big bell used by Xu Ying. It was more complete and more exquisite than a real big clock!


Jan 30, 2024

He had seen the Chaos Clock, so he took this opportunity to note down the wrinkles on the surface of many Chaos Clocks to understand the wonders of chaos.
This is the fatal flaw he found based on Dao Zun’s Nine Paths of Evidence!
As long as the nine-path evidence-based method is added to the Tao method that it cannot understand, the nine-path evidence-based method will naturally be broken, and the people who follow the evidence-based theory will suffer harm!
Xu Ying’s magical power is not very powerful. It comes first and cuts directly into the nine evidence-based formations. It happens to be at the threshold of chaos-based evidence!
The nine masters of the Hunyuan Immortal Dynasty’s Nine Paths of Evidence reached their peak in an instant. At the moment when the terrifying power of the Nine Paths of Evidence erupted, the nine masters suddenly vomited blood and the formation was scattered!
Xu Ying was also knocked away by the terrifying power of the Nine Evidences. He lightly slapped it with his other palm, and the power of the void suddenly surged. The bodies of the nine masters of the Hunyuan Immortal Dynasty quickly grew in size and width!
In an instant, the bodies of the nine masters of the Immortal Dynasty swelled to the extreme. Even if they were the same body as the Great Dao, Hunyuan had no structure, body, Tao, and spirit were integrated, at this moment they felt that their own Great Dao was about to be torn apart!
“Master of the Void!”
One of the Tai Dao Masters immediately noticed that Xu Ying’s palm was using the Great Dao of the Void. He was shocked and said sternly, “Everyone, be careful!”
“Master of the Void?”
/Yin Zhong was shocked, and several powerful beings who were not weaker than him on the ships were also shocked: “After the great wine ceremony, another Taoist Master of the Void appeared!”
The nine people who were blessed with the magical power of the void had their bodies, Tao, and spirits expanded infinitely by the void, becoming extremely thin.
Yin Zhong and several powerful men on the building ship immediately took action, trying to help them resolve the void power. However, before their magic power could get close to these nine people, they saw that the bodies of these nine powerful men turned into almost invisible membranes. Each membrane was even wider than a complete universe!
Yin Zhong and others were shocked. Suddenly, the avenue of the nine powerful immortals was torn apart. The unstructured avenue was instantly broken into countless particles invisible to the naked eye, and the distance between particles was getting farther and farther!
/Soon, these nine people disappeared into the turbulent sea of ??chaos!
Yin Zhong’s heart felt cold. It was difficult for a Taoist master to die, and it was even more difficult for a Taoist master from the Hunyuan Immortal Dynasty to die. The Calamity

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