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od?” Besides, you also suppressed the God of Heaven and Fairy Qingqi, and helped the tyrants to do evil. It’s obvious at a glance that your master is not serious either!”


Jan 30, 2024

The roar of the big bell grew louder, like a mountain crashing into it. It knocked the big snake into the air and said angrily: “Sneak Snake, aren’t you also a magic weapon? Don’t you also practice Qi and blood?”
Qi Qi stirred up his Qi and blood, activated the Eight Sounds of Yuan Yu, and manifested a Taoist phenomenon. Suddenly, the Dongting Mountain was covered with clouds, lightning, and thunder. He rushed towards the big bell and shouted: “I am a Qi Refiner of the Demon Clan, how could I be magic weapon?”
/The big clock was staggered by his beating, and kept retreating, saying angrily: “I regard you as a brother, but you use Yuanyu Bayin to deal with me, right? Stinky snake, today you and I are at odds with each other!”
It activated Yuanyu Bayin, and its power suddenly surged, beating the big snake stiff and falling into Dongting Lake.
The big bell vibrated loudly and struck at the big snake in Dongting Lake, causing the water in the lake to boil.
Xian Qi opened his mouth, and the bronze tower, bronze tripod, bronze sword, Wu hook and other magical weapons whizzed out and flew towards the big bell, shouting: “Broken bell, I will sever all ties with you!”
He activated his spiritual consciousness and gathered thousands of magic weapons together, turning them into half of a flying peak. However, he did not have enough magic power to raise it, so he wrapped his tail around the big bell and crashed towards the mountain!
Everyone in the Guo family hurried out of the mountain temple to take a look. They were shocked and inexplicable when they saw the big snake smashing the big bell and making a clanging sound. Guo Xiaodie quickly said to Xu Ying, “Don’t you want to persuade them?”
Xu Ying comforted her and said, “Don’t worry, they will reconcile soon.”
As soon as he finished speaking, he saw Da Zhong breaking away from the restraints of Gong Qi, pressing Gong Qi’s head and knocking on Feilai Peak. Soon, Gong Qi’s face was covered with blood, and he shouted: “Master Zhong, spare your life! The little snake has realized his mistake!”
Stop the clock.
Soon the snakes and bells reconciled as before.
Everyone was stunned.
Li Yingzhu came over and invited her, “If King Xu Yao has nothing to do these days, you can come with us. We may discover other things while exploring Yunmengze these days.”
Xu Ying spent the past two years searching for the Six Secret Dharma Doors, and finally gathered the Six Secrets. He no longer had to travel around, and he needed to be quiet for a period of time to comprehend the true Dharma of the Yongquan Secret, so he agreed.
Li Yingzhu was overjoyed and quietly said to Guo Yue: “The opportunity in these few days is the opportunity to tie him to our Guo family’s chariot. As long as he and Xiaodie cook the rice, he will be the son-in-law of our Guo family!”
Guo Yuewei said, “This is not good. Xiaodie hasn’t agreed

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