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d energy, and came to the sky above the big snake. She saw that the big snake had two black and white horns on its head. There were clouds and mist floating between the two horns. A young man stood in the clouds and mist, his clothes fluttering in the wind.


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“It’s indeed him!”
Guo Xiaodie was overjoyed, landed and said with a smile: “Xu Demon King, are you okay?”
Xu Ying looked at the increasingly beautiful girl in front of him, remembered the past, and said with a smile: “Xiaodie, you are well.”
/Guo Xiaodie strode forward, circled around him, and suddenly punched him hard in the chest. The shock made her wrist sore, and said: “You are really an immortal immortal! It has been more than two years, and you haven’t changed at all!” He’s not tall and he’s not bulky, he’s just strong!”
Xu Ying became worried when he thought of this.
/Every time he took a bath, he found that there was still only one hair growing down there, and he had to pull it out every time, but it stubbornly grew out every time, and it was still the same hair, and no more hairs grew out.
“Maybe I really am an immortal.”
Xu Ying sighed, changed the subject, and asked, “What are you doing here?”
Guo Xiaodie said: “We discovered Nuo Immortal’s hidden place in Yunmengze, so we came to check it out.”
Xu Ying asked tentatively: “The Nuo Immortal during Emperor Wu’s time?”
Guo Xiaodie nodded lightly and said: “We also have this suspicion. That hidden scene is probably the place where the hidden scene of the Nuo Immortal was hidden before the great changes in the world. Although the ancestor practiced the Yuan Shen Yuanjing Sutra passed down by you, The life span has been extended, but the hidden danger of Nuo Immortal is still there, and the fruit may be picked at any time. Therefore, I want to find the righteous Dharma from the hidden scenery of Nuo Immortal during Emperor Wu’s time.”
Xu Ying smiled and said: “The Guo family ancestor and I want to get together. Is he here?”
Guo Xiaodie shook her head and said, “No. When Zu Long came to the capital two years ago, he fought against him, but failed and was maimed. He is still recovering from his injuries.”
Xu Ying lamented: “The old man’s ancient ways are very warm.”
Guo Xiaodie got angry when she talked about this, and said: “Ancestral Dragon came to the capital of gods. I won’t let the ancestor stand out, but he insists on standing up. If he stands up, he won’t win!”
Her chest heaved violently and she said angrily: “The old man refused to listen to the advice. He was lying on the bed and yelling for another fight! In that battle, the statues of the three holy emperors, the Great Sage Zhidao, the Great Sage Zetian and the Great Sage Civil and Military, revived. , and then blocked Zulong. However, the Nuo master was beaten so hard that he could not even lift his head.”
She sighed: “Many people have abandoned Nuo masters and become Qi practitioners. A man named Xu Fu came out of nowhere and brought many Qi practitioners with him. He said he wanted to spread the orthodox method and called Nuo m

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