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all the things he did when he first met her, he will think of catching dragon loaches in the locust tree, he will think of Shendu’s unscrupulous behavior, and the charming Rouge.


Jan 30, 2024

Xu Ying suppressed the strange emotions in his heart and smiled: “We haven’t seen each other for many years.”
“Yuan Weiyang” said: “It has been seven years since the last time we said goodbye.”
Xu Ying was stunned: “Seven years already? Time flies so fast.”
The two of them walked side by side. Xu Ying opened his mouth and wanted to tell her about the Taoist and magical powers he had learned during this period. He wanted to tell her about the ancestral methods and other methods he had learned. However, when the words came to his mouth, he found that The fairy was not interested in this.
She was already an immortal and had no birth, old age, illness or death. The daily practice before becoming an immortal that she wanted to talk to her about had no meaning to her.
In the past, when she was Yuan Weiyang, Feng Xue’er, and Yan Bao’er, he could talk to her about these things, but now that she was a peerless fairy, they couldn’t.
There seemed to be a thick film between the two of them, making them look a little blurry to each other.
The two came to the garden side by side. Xu Ying stood under a flower tree. The fairy raised her hand to explore the flowers on the branch, and her sleeves slid down her arms.
At this time, the female fairy fell to the flower tree involuntarily. Xu Ying was shocked and hurriedly grabbed the other hand of the female fairy.
The moment he held her hand, he couldn’t help but fall towards the flower tree.
The flower and the tree grew bigger and bigger before their eyes, and their figures floated in the air, floating among the stamens of the flowers.
Only then did Xu Ying realize that they were as small as bees. The fairy held his hand and led him through the flowers. The nectar was fragrant and intoxicating.
/There were bees and insects among the flowers, bigger than them, flying around.
It’s not that they have become smaller as promised, but the fairy trees in the Pantheon Palace are originally so big, and the bees are as big as humans. It’s just that the Queen Mother of the West used magic to fold the space to make them look about the same size as ordinary tree bees. But if you get close, these flowers, plants, insects, and fish will return to normal and look extremely huge.
Xu Ying followed the female fairy and walked through the flowers. A fairy bird spread its wings and flew over their heads. The wind and waves caused their clothes to flutter.
Although this is the human world, it is like a fairyland.
The female fairy flew down from the branch and sat down on a leaf as big as a mat. Xu Ying sat next to her, as if he knew her for the first time, and said: “What should I call you? Yuan Weiyang, or another name?”
The female fairy smiled calmly and said: “Just call me Yuan Weiyang. When you remember the past, you will naturally remember my name.”
Xu Ying said sadly: “I don’t remember the past. Over the year

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