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but I can’t. When the time comes, you and I will be one, and I want you to die in an extremely ugly way.”


Jan 30, 2024

“Brother, don’t worry. You and I are brothers. I will naturally do my best to help my brother reach the top of the hegemony even if he is on the mountain of swords or in the sea of ??fire.”
/Lu Xi beat his chest loudly and used himself to save others. He knew what Lu Nan liked to hear: “Lu Gou is not a son of man. He became the emperor of heaven only by picking up the slack. Now brother, you are here. You have both ability and political integrity. You are better than him.” More suitable for the position of Emperor of Heaven.”
“My dear, Lu Xi, pay your respects to the Demon Emperor, Great Heavenly Lord!”
Lu Nan didn’t feel anything at all, but seeing that Lu Xi was still interested, ten red eyes cast red light, and a ray of immortal will escaped into the other party’s soul, carving a mark to prevent the leading party from betraying him, and leading him with him. Into a ditch.
Lu Nan looked down on Lu Xi, and even if he had ten thousand courages, Lu Xi would not dare to plot against him. However, out of trust in Lu Xi, in case Lu Bei used Lu Xi to plot against him, he laid an ambush in advance just in case.
Something was really wrong with this ambush.
There is another will in Lu Xi’s body, dormant very deep. From the moment he met Lu Xi, he heard their conversation clearly.
“He Fang Xiaoxiao, there is no place for you to hide in front of me!”
The face of chaos roared with demonic power, and the boundless waves swept past, peeling off Lu Xi’s flesh and blood and internal organs. The skeleton was trembling, and the soul almost collapsed on the spot.
A bit of white light floated out, pulling away the shadows of the stars, and the figure of a great emperor slowly stepped out.
“The poor Northern Emperor Ziwei has met the Demon Lord.”
The Master of Ten Thousand Daos bowed and saluted, but before his true form arrived, Daluo Jinxian’s artistic conception floated, which made Lu Nan frown.
I’m late!
The Three Realms have become a reality, and the foundation is far greater than before. Lu Bei is the Emperor of Heaven, and his strength is definitely stronger than Emperor Ziwei.
“Ah this”
The leader blinked, and the magical power that dared Ziwei to fight was the Ziwei Emperor. The question came, if his immediate boss was always here, wouldn’t what he just said have reached Bei Ge’s ears?
Fortunately, the problem is not big, Lu Gou is talking about Lu Dong, and Lu Xi’s admiration for Brother Bei has always been like a surging river.
It’s just a ploy. If Brother Bei loves him so much, nothing will happen.
[you are dead]
Lu Xi: (°Д°≡°Д°)
Who, who is it? The person who has been talking to him is not Emperor Ziwei. Who is it?
The Master of Ten Thousand Ways smiled slightly: “If Pindao hadn’t done this, how would the Demon Lord’s unrivaled power be possible?”
In one sentence, Lu Nan could not be punished.
Even if he didn’t want to admit it, he had to admit that without the Master of Ten Thousand Daos,

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