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As the distance slowly approaches, the wind blows the veil, revealing the rough mountains. The various styles are like walking on a landscape scroll, and the scenery changes with people, elusive and unpredictable.
Everlasting mountain.
As one of the most famous mountains in Wuzhou, the spiritual energy of Bulao Mountain is not abundant. It can only be said to be ordinary and can barely be called spiritual energy.
However, the main peak, Tianjian Peak, stands out from the crowd and offers a panoramic view of the mountains. It is the holy place that swordsmen in the world yearn for.
With this bonus point, Bulao Mountain is a first-class cave paradise.
What’s wrong with the lack of spiritual energy? That’s the intention of the Abandonment Sutra. Only when the spiritual energy is lacking can sword cultivators sit down and comprehend the sword’s intention.
The majestic sword peak towers into the clouds. From a distance, it looks like a sharp sword thrust into the sky. Its majestic power can be described as unparalleled.
“Hey, Elder Zhan, did I make a mistake? Is our ancestral holy land a bit crooked?”
Lu Bei looked forward speechlessly. Under the clouds and mist, a huge sword peak stood on the ground. It was good everywhere, but his accuracy was bad. It can be seen that when Qi Li Jing dropped the iron sword, he just threw it casually and didn’t let it go much. In the heart.
This person is not an ordinary big-hearted person.
/No matter how brave you are, the mountains are not straight and the shadows are crooked, which shows that Abandoned Sutra is not an honorable man.
Awkward or not, don’t you have any idea?
Zhan Lexian snorted coldly, thinking that Lu Bei knew what he was asking and didn’t want to give him a chance to show off in person. He accelerated his sword and headed straight for the Tianchi under Tianjian Peak.
Lu Bei followed closely behind, and the two of them moved one behind the other, wielding their swords at extremely fast speeds, far exceeding the speed limit in Bulao Mountain.
No one cares.
The patrol team coming and going saw that the two men wielding swords were Zhan Lexian and Wu Xian. They immediately shook their heads and pretended that nothing happened.
Ordinary disciples were punished for using swordsmanship and squatting in a dark room for ten days.
Elder’s sword
You have to be able to stop people so that you can seize both the stolen goods and the stolen goods and catch them red-handed. Otherwise, how can we frame the innocence of the elders out of thin air without any evidence!
Dozens of huge iron swords were inserted in the center of the lake. The iron chain passed through the iron ring at the end of the sword hilt and was connected to the black iron net. The runes were hanging down and the sword array was shining with light.
Bulao Mountain, Tianchi, also known as the secret realm of Jianchi.
When Abandonment Sutra threw down his iron sword, there was no sword pool here, and there was no secret realm. The disciples in the integration stage sensed the coming of th

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