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d friends, or lovers, lovers, fathers and mothers, and so on.


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In addition, there is the emperor’s head, as well as various severed Tao injuries, various negative emotions, a silenced world, out-of-control Taoism, and so on.
This place is too evil. Just the atmosphere that fills it makes the three supreme beings feel like they are being polluted at any time.
The pollution of the immortal world in the Earthly Immortal Realm is really nothing compared to the pollution here.
“Watch out!”
Taoist Yuji suddenly issued a warning, tried his best to control the wooden boat, and tried his best to dodge to one side.
/The small wooden boat was traveling backwards against the turbulence of time and space. A huge vortex appeared in the turbulence in front of it. The boat was as fine as dust in front of this vortex and would be swallowed into the whirlpool at any time.
The Immortal Emperor Supreme and the Creation Heavenly Lord each took action to stabilize the boat, resist the swallowing of the whirlpool, and rush outward.
Suddenly, more than a dozen colorful tentacles flew out of the whirlpool. They were unknown monsters. They had flesh and blood and magic weapons. They were glued together. They were weird and disgusting. They even had human faces or bodies in some places, and they were fiercely attacking the boat. Smash it hard!
This is a strange creature formed by mixing strong men, distracting thoughts, Taoist injuries and other substances thrown into the cesspool under the influence of chaotic time and space!
The three of them controlled the small wooden boat to avoid it quickly, but were forced closer and closer to the whirlpool by the tentacles.
“You take control of the ship, and I’ll fight it!” the Immortal Emperor said loudly, attacking the tentacles.
He collided with the tentacles that hit him, and his body was immediately covered with sticky mucus, dark green and fishy, ??with dozens of kinds of injuries inside, invading his body!
The Supreme Immortal Emperor endured the discomfort and used the Ten Jue Taixu Dao Jing Gong to block the tentacles coming one after another.
/Those tentacles struck him with great force, making him extremely uncomfortable.
Today’s era is okay, the best friends thrown in are Da Luo Jinxian at most, but in the ancient times and the Dragon Court era, even the existences of Da Luo Wonderful Realm and Dao Realm Eighth Heaven were thrown in!
The Supreme Immortal Emperor doesn’t know what the original nature of these tentacles is. It seems that they are monsters derived from the strong men of the ancient era or the Dragon Court era.
He fought hard, and the Supreme Creation and Taoist Yuji struggled to move the small wooden boat, and finally moved out of the big whirlpool little by little. The tentacles were out of reach, so they reluctantly retracted the tentacles and got back into the whirlpool, sinking down.
The Immortal Emperor and others each breathed a sigh of relief and relaxed.
Rushing in the turbulence of time and space is more difficult than fighting a powerful person in the

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