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that the immortal liquid and five-color soil should be delivered as soon as possible. Now it is changing day by day, and the extraordinary tide is receding faster and faster.


Jan 30, 2024

“In this special period, if there is such a glimmer of hope, I want to grasp it accurately!”
After hearing this, the immortal from the Zheng family was a little excited and said: “Young Master is very brave. Tonight, those resources should be sent out from behind the scenes!”
Wang Xuan felt a little guilty, but when he thought that this camp had asked Huang Kun to catch him with heavenly medicine in Jinding Mountain, treating him as a flesh and blood passage, and trying to cross the border on his bones, he had no sympathy.
On that day, if there was no wooden villain to die for him, his end would have been tragic.
Wang Xuan followed the instructions and pursued him. The remaining Zheng family members were afraid and did not dare to follow up because they really could not stop the Soul Locking Bell!
“You guys wait for me in the distance. I have the top-notch exotic treasure Yuan Shen Chain, as well as some other divine objects, which can be combined to stop him!” Wang Xuan chased into a mountain range and soon found Zhou Chong.
Now Zhou Chong’s blood energy is much richer, and his real bones have grown flesh and blood. During these days, he has been working hard to reshape his foundation and real body. However, this was far from what he expected. After all, his immortal bones had been broken before.
The mountains are steep, the ancient trees and wolves are in the forest, and the birds and animals feel the danger and have fled in advance. It is very quiet here.
“Did the God-Slaying Flag fall into your hands?” Zhou Chong asked with a gloomy face. He was very tired from escaping and could no longer run away.
The last time he fought with Robot No. 5, he was intercepted and the most powerful treasure in the Sun family’s secret vault disappeared.
At this moment, he was holding a silver bell in his hand, which was the famous ancient treasure Soul Locking Bell. Now it was completely refined, and the ghost gentleman escaped.
Wang Xuan said nothing and stared at him again and again.
A few days ago, someone set up an altar outside Kun City to kill him. It was this person who ordered it. This time when the demon invaded the chaebol, he also wanted to kill him. It was also his instigation. It can be said that his ghost is still lingering. This person is quite dangerous.
Zhou Chong instantly shook the bell, and the silver bell wave spread rapidly, like an expanding ripple. It seemed beautiful and gentle, but it was extremely dangerous.
Until now, this rare treasure has never failed against an extraordinary person in this world. No matter whether it is the immortal who tears apart the soul when crossing the boundary, or the powerful demon, no one can stop it!
/In an instant, the golden veins in front of Wang Xuan’s body were intertwined, like a sky net, and like a stream of light, they rolled out in an instant, blocking the silver bell wa

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