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rdinary world, which is only slightly worse than those who have special interior locations.


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Mentioning these now is quite normal and will not cause any taboo.
Wang Xuan wants to know some details about the three people who opened the special interior location in history and understand their past!
Because, he seriously doubted the identity of the terrifying shadow last night!
/“It’s a pity that those people were too miserable and died young. Now even their friends from back then have grown up, and some of them are already peerless strong men in the big scene!”
When he heard this, Wang Xuan felt heavy in his heart and became more and more afraid of that shadow.
There is no choice. In this era, in the end, you still have to face all threats on your own! He secretly reminded himself that the future is not scary. As long as he becomes stronger fast enough, all methods can be defeated!
Not long after, Wang Xuan saw that the little white tiger girl with a round face was also in Ancheng and appeared on the third floor of the Banished Immortal Tea House.
“Hu lie, there’s something wrong with the crystal you gave me to take pictures of!” Wang Xuan stared at her. There was no complete fairy dance in that crystal, it was purely deceptive.
“Crystal can be seen clearly in person, and I will not be responsible for leaving the cabinet.” The round-faced girl raised her chin, looking like she would refuse to pay.
“You think you are a bank!” Wang Xuan glared at her.
“Hmph!” The round-faced girl pouted proudly and gave him a slap on the back of the head, but in the end she slowly turned back and said teasingly: “Half a month ago, didn’t you go to outer space with the Demon Lord? Ask her to dance in front of her.”
“Little White Tiger, shut up.” Wang Xuan really felt guilty. Can he say this nonsense?
However, when he looked at the round-faced girl, he thought of something. In the foreign space in outer space, the little white tiger went with a mission and asked Wang Xuan for cooperation and help.
Thinking of this incident, his heart was shaken, and he thought of the man and woman last night. Was he about to solve the case?
/“Come over for tea, I’ll treat you.” He sent a message.
“You said that the demon lord’s parents once wanted to come back from the fairy world through the strange spiritual world adjacent to the foreign land in outer space.”
With a whoosh, the little white tiger came over, pulled Qi Liandao aside, and said: “Give way, you have no eyesight at all!”
The round-faced girl moved a chair and drove Qi Liandao away. She sat down herself, stared at Wang Xuan and asked, “Have you noticed anything?”
“I saw a man and a woman, very strong, but both in shadow state.” He said something briefly, but it was impossible to tell her everything.
“What shadow? I thought you found the real clue.” Little White Tiger was dissatisfied.
“That pair of shadows is only stronger than today’s peerless masters, and they are not consistent with the identities of the current strongest ones!” Wang Xuan reminded seriously.
“I’ll tell he

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