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Cult” in the blood-colored light wheel said, and followed forward to kill.


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The female alchemist in flawless white clothes, the tall man covered in golden clouds, the mysterious man wearing a silver mask, and the demon master in red also took action, their souls shining brightly and their peerless sharpness revealed.
A war broke out here, and in the end, the four spiritual statues were all smashed to pieces. They were like spiritual symbols left by the ancient ancestors of a mythical civilization. After so many years, they are still so terrifying, which shows how powerful they were back then.
“Look here, maybe there is some heavenly elixir dormant that can survive the long dark night when the extraordinary fire is extinguished.” Someone spoke and released a few souls from the sleeves of his robe!
Someone came in with his men. Such an insignificant matter was not worth doing personally.
/In fact, not only him, but also several others followed suit and released some souls, and they were all their respective disciples.
Even the demon lord in red released several female demon fairies to let them find their own opportunities.
Then, these powerful souls moved, digging three feet into the ground, inspecting all the ancient buildings, even the dried bonsai, looking for the heavenly medicine.
“Ah, there is such a magic medicine, I was shocked by the movement just now!”
“Block the exit!”
“Haha, I didn’t expect that we would also have a chance to get the heavenly medicine!”
A group of strong men were excited. This kind of supreme divine object has always belonged only to the peerless strong men, and would occasionally be given to their most favored descendants or heirs of the mantle.
These people are all very strong, some are ancient giant demons, and some are ancient true immortals, but they have never had the opportunity to get close to the heavenly medicine.
Now, it is no longer a matter of people squeezing people, and people squeezing monsters. It can no longer be squeezed, corpses are rampant, filling the ruins, and it is almost impossible to move.
At this time, no one dared to stay on the ground. They all flew into the sky, facing the thunder and entering the lightning room.
The two of them didn’t dare to try it, for fear of being targeted by peerless masters. It was estimated that more than one or two people would do evil things to them.
They were separated from Wang Xuan and the others by a hazy light curtain. The two sides could see each other, but they could not get close. This was a protective barrier formed by the firelight of a mythical civilization.
“Wang Xuan, hey, just watch from outside, waiting to be chased by the spirit corpses, and we are capturing the heavenly medicine, hehe.” Someone laughed happily and ridiculed the two people outside.
“Escape for your life, be careful not to be eaten by the zombies, otherwise your soul will be lost forever!” Someone teased and suggested that they should run away quickly.
Chen Yongjie was so angry that he hit the hazy barrier with a big bell, maki

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