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of the creature with golden pupils also wanted to come and follow the curse to attack the prey and opponents.


Jan 27, 2024

Unfortunately, he was also blocked!
The ancient spell was woven with the power of the soul, with a little consciousness. It was an extremely special energy spell. Now it was densely packed and wrapped around Wang Xuan.
/It can be said that the mysterious shadows in outer space and the creatures with golden pupils have all invested in locking Wang Xuan with ancient spells and capturing him directly.
“That’s it.” Wang Xuan said, letting them get involved, and he took the light of their souls on the road.
In outer space, the shadow moved away, very cautiously, and continuously changed its direction. However, he has always been channeling the power of his true body, and has a strong will to fight left and right, wanting to follow the ancient curse, blend in with the light of the soul, and completely dominate the weak prey destined to be harvested.
He must not allow others to get involved.
Another creature with golden pupils had similar thoughts to his, and his strong will was also surging.
However, there is a conflict between the light of the soul, and the two giant dragons who are fighting are now stunned. Where is the ant? Gone, disappeared suddenly, like evaporating from the old soil.
Moreover, at this time, the light of their souls dimmed, the released power and ancient spell disappeared, and the power of their souls entered the void and could not be sensed.
This was tantamount to a spiritual defect. Both of them were shocked, and their eyes immediately turned cold. It was impossible for the two giant dragons to fight fiercely.
They went all out to sense and explore, trying to find Wang Xuan.
Deep in the universe, in the ancient spaceship, the four masters were alarmed and solved the case. Who did it? ! Now let alone Demon Lord Yanyan, even Old Zhang rushed over with a cry to see what happened. Is it as he guessed?
Two photos, one red and one white, of the burned and tattered long skirt. It was clear and obvious that someone had taken the photo and sent it over.
“Where did you receive the encrypted message? Who did it?!” Yanyan asked through gritted teeth. Her beautiful face was a little less charming and a little more murderous.
/“There are pictures and the truth, and there is a brief mention in the text, old soil, super cub!” The mechanical bird shouted loudly, very excited, and did not mind adding insult to injury.
“Haha” Demon Lord Yanyan suddenly sneered. I don’t know if she was angry or surprised. It was actually Wang Xuan? !
Then, her expression changed, because that feeling came again, and it was pulling her away again, into an unknown place!
Wang Xuan’s soul was entangled with blood and gold, and he went on the road with him, like two evil dragons fighting and trying to devour him, the three parties entangled together.
He was calm and indifferent, without fear, and came to the misty land with a five-piece set of flags, flags, covers, etc.
On him, ancient curses lingered, and the li

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