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eone between heaven and earth spoke: “Hengjun, it’s useless for you to help him resist now. There is a high probability that he will still be attacked by the scroll, and his life and death will depend on it.”


Jan 27, 2024

“If I don’t take action, Taoist friend Zheng will not perish. I just don’t want to see his foundation damaged and his moral conduct falling.” Hengjun responded.
In the distance, on the earth, Wang Xuan was unhappy. It was Hengjun again who made him feel helpless. How can he be so willful when he has a treasure? It can break the old covenant and block the new covenant!
He lamented that he was not strong enough, otherwise, with the health stove in hand, even Hengjun would be crushed to death!
He is not depressed at all, he has only been practicing for a few years?
Hengjun spoke again: “Fellow Daoist Zheng, you have obtained the Demon Emperor’s Remnant Pill and True Blood. Why not take advantage of the opportunity to refine the Demon Emperor’s body now and accept it on your behalf.”
“Thank you, Brother Dao.” Zheng Yuantian quickly landed from outside the territory, sat cross-legged on the broken ground, and began to activate the Demon Embryo Technique to refine the body of the Demon Emperor.
Wang Xuan turned around and left, frowning secretly, rubbing the stove cover hidden in his armor with his hand, and tapping it gently. He was thinking about how to kill Zheng Yuantian. It was really difficult now.
However, he was not discouraged, he did not come alone.
He is the combination of Fang Yuzhu, Demon Lord Yanyan, Zhang Daoling, and the Ancestor of the Dark Blood Sect. He carries their peerless magical powers. If they really want to fully activate and explode, there is still a chance.
“Zheng Jueshi is so incredible. He can withstand this. He is indeed one of the strongest masters!”
/“That’s natural. A strong man who can reach such a high level and is destined to die, how could he die unexpectedly? Even if he disappears, it will be earth-shattering!”
/“My master is invincible in the world, how could something happen!” Someone said, there were disciples of Zheng Yuantian here.
“Yes, Zheng Xianzu has great luck and is immortal. He will be the one to create a new myth in the future!” Someone agreed.
Suddenly, Wang Xuan’s heart moved. When he rubbed the stove lid and tapped it with his fingers, he felt its slight pulsation. This made his body almost freeze and he stopped quickly.
Fortunately, the furnace lid soon returned to peace.
Outside the territory, Hengjun frowned. He felt that the Yuhua Banner had just whistled a few times, as if it was greeting someone!
Something is weird. Is this the time when the treasure is about to be born? Hengjun suddenly became energetic!
Almost at the same time, a stream of light streaked through the void. It was a lone boat, which appeared in the sky above Zheng Yuan’s land. It was too fast.
Hengjun’s eyes were frightening. He didn’t care about the golden picture scroll. He didn’t care about Zheng Yuantian’s life or death. He held the feather flag and rushed towards

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