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he spirit. I am the carrier, and even the essence of my book cannot be damaged. You might as well forget it.”


Jan 27, 2024

It spoke calmly, the pages of the book turned, and a ray of light bloomed, resisting the God-killing Flag!
“Sword Demon, teach him how to behave and correct his life path. Sword Demon, I was very optimistic about you originally, but unfortunately, you were too strong back then. After entering Xiaoyaoyou, you insisted on undergoing spiritual nirvana and wanted to go back and find the so-called Twelve realms, to make up for the regrets of the past, resulted in an early death. There are some things that should not be touched too early. That Fang Yuzhu’s so-called great nirvana of the soul should also start after becoming the most powerful person.”
When he heard this, Wang Xuan’s eyes changed. This sword demon was really expected to reach the realm of Xiaoyaoyou, but he turned around and wanted to explore the twelve realms again? Not small in spirit.
“All the heartless people died like this, and you want me to follow this path? It doesn’t make sense!” Wang Xuan spoke at the right moment.
The Book of Years did not respond, but the sword demon rushed forward first, slashing down with his sword. In the light of the sword, nine phoenixes flew out, using boundless extraordinary power to kill Wang Xuan.
This makes people moved. With one strike of the sword, the divine bird appears, as if summoning the bloodline of the most powerful creature to join the battle!
Wang Xuan used his left hand to feather the fist, and his right hand to cut the divine flag, and blasted it out at the same time.
/The Book of Years said: “The flag has the power of a peerless treasure, but the Sword Demon came from me, and his long sword is also part of my body, no worse than the peerless treasure. Sword Demon, let go of your hands and feet and fight him to the death!” ”
The Old Testament carrying objects can “hatch” treasures, and the magic sword now deduced is a peerless treasure, so naturally there is no big problem.
Under the flag, a golden grid covered the nine-headed phoenixes and strangled them!
However, the knife still fell down and collided fiercely with the God-Slaying Flag. In an instant, terrifying energy surged and roared here.
Wang Xuan doesn’t want to fight with him now. There is no point in it. He has now embarked on eleven steps and has absolute confidence in himself.
Now he just wants to take the Book of Time, tear off the culprit, and send Wu Yin’s spiritual light back.
Therefore, he “pays attention” to the Book of Time from time to time, or rams it with an enlarged God-Slaying Flag, or pokes it twice with an iron drill.
The Book of Time was a little annoyed by him and couldn’t touch it, but he provoked him again and again, which made it very unhappy. It felt that this young man was out of touch and ignorant of current affairs.
“The road to heaven has been prepared for you, but you are such a disgusting person, asking for trouble, and provoking me back and forth. Is it interesting?”
“Interesting, you ca

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