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rites. Are they all the remains of stars chopped down by madmen?


Jan 27, 2024

He opened his spiritual eyes and stared carefully, looking at the textures of the swordsmanship. The mountains of meteorites were all densely carved, and the cliffs were covered with carvings.
/These are dozens of huge stone mountains. They have been serving as his notes for a long time, writing down temporary thoughts irregularly and as he pleases.
Of course, most of them are the original runes of swordsmanship, which ordinary people cannot understand at all. If you want to study them in depth, you may torture yourself to death.
“I saw it, but I felt like I was being pierced by ten thousand swords. It hurt so much. Those ghostly symbols and traces of fairy swords came out through the wall and wanted to come and kill me!”
Wang Xuan felt a splitting headache and his eyes were swollen. What did he see? Billions of terrifying swords roared, trying to split the universe apart.
The madman’s sword power is really overbearing and unrivaled. It’s so crazy that Wang Xuan is risking his life to watch, pondering over the traces he has written since ancient times. His life is actually in danger.
This was the result of the sword fairy holding his right hand all the time, giving him immortal light, making him full of immortal power, otherwise, he might explode.
“Come again!” Jiang Qingyao stabilized Wang Xuan’s spirit, and continued to send soft fairy light, peaceful and calming power, and runes flowed into Wang Xuan’s body like a galaxy.
In the end, both were covered in hazy light, as if they were one body. As long as the sword fairy could hold on, Wang Xuan would be unable to be harmed.
“I will share everything I see with you, otherwise, even if there is a slight mistake in the interpretation of these supreme secrets of swordsmanship, precise rules and textures, something may go wrong,” Wang Xuan said.
Then, those horrific scenes he captured directly passed through Jiang Qingyao’s mind, reflecting into her semi-mature spiritual eyes, and she captured all the details.
The two of them were connected in spirit. What Wang Xuan saw and what the Sword Fairy felt were immediately able to communicate with each other, and they could watch and comprehend the Sword Scripture on this meteorite mountain together.
In this way, the speed has been greatly improved. Otherwise, Wang Xuan would feel like his mind would be torn apart after reading an article.
Jiang Qingyao has officially set foot in the peerless realm, and has been raising swords for hundreds of years. She has broken through several small realms in one fell swoop. In addition, her talent in the sword is unparalleled, so she has gained a lot. When she comprehends it, the sword light flows, There were trembling sounds of fairy swords in all directions, and countless sacred giant swords appeared!
/“There is no time to delay here to avoid accidents. Let’s make a quick decision. Write down the madman’s notes and the complicated sword runes first, and then learn about them later!” The Sword Fairy looked solemn.

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