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othing to them, but now they can’t do it anymore.


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However, the style of painting soon changed, and various Internet celebrities followed up: Master, please guide me, I will check in with my real body on the moon!
Wang Dixian, who had been silent for many years, was attacked and killed on this day, which aroused some people’s long-standing memories, and the new star was talked about more than the old one.
After all, he was relatively low-key in the old land, but he did make a lot of noise in the new star.
Wang Xuan ignored these, and there was no need to care. He did not find any valuable relics on the moon, and returned directly to the old land later.
He is very serious. The impact and fermentation of this matter will not stop here. Since the other party dares to attack Wang Xuan, it is impossible to end it in such a hurry.
Maybe there will be nothing in the near future, and even the other party will not act rashly in the next few years, but those who dare to kill like this will one day be unable to bear it.
“I can’t tell.” Wang Xuan shook his head. Naturally, he did not relax his guard. Some people used warships to kill him. This was no small matter.
“I have killed demons in Nova, slaughtered gods in the Immortal Land, and fought with evil spirits. There are quite a few potential enemies. In addition, there are some wealthy people who were very hostile to me in the past.”
Chen Yongjie frowned when he heard this. After all, everything related to Chaofan was decaying. Even though Wang Xuan was great in the past, his current state could never be compared with the past. He felt that Wang Xuan was weakening over the years. !
“Don’t worry, it’s better to break the news in advance now. I finally know that someone is always thinking about me.” Wang Xuan looked calm, and then said: “Old Chen, in the next few years, you have to maintain your health and take good care of yourself. Maybe one day , I can take you back to the extraordinary path!”
Chen Yongjie raised his head with bright eyes, and the extinguished fire in his heart was rekindled. He had given up hope in these years, but now, his heart was filled with passion.
“Okay, I’ll wait for you to pick me up!” He put away the ups and downs of emotions in his heart. Although he was still worried about Wang Xuan’s current situation, he said nothing more.
/Zhao Qinghan came, but was comforted by Wang Xuan, who told her to go back to the laboratory and not come to Yuncheng for the time being, because he felt that the matter was not over yet.
Zhao Qinghan understood him and was also very rational. He nodded after hearing the words and did not stay, not wanting to distract him.
Whether it’s a test or a real move, how can a battleship bombardment be considered the end? Wang Xuan looked cold and naturally wanted to know who it was.
It has been many years since he was stained with blood, and he no longer has such a strong desire to kill.
“Don’t go outside the territory recently. This era is really unfriendly to extraordinary people. Even if you have the power of an ea

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