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swords sacrificed by all the immortals, and red crystal swords hanging in the sky to illuminate all things. There is also the Heavenly Sword, which sinks into the netherworld and is filled with gloomy energy.


Jan 27, 2024

This is the interpretation of various supreme swordsmanship in the past. All the profound meanings of scriptures that exist in the world can be captured and displayed by the imperial Dao formation.
This is the terrifying thing about it. It summons various chapters of the most powerful secrets from ancient times to the present. As long as they resonate with the Dao and are remembered, they can be reappeared.
What is Royal Road? Can control all the ways in the world!
Countless sword lights cut through the void, and large black cracks appeared in reality, spreading in the killing array. If a human body was touched, it would turn into blood mist on the spot.
In this special era, even if the Earthly Immortal Dao Fruit is preserved in this world, it will be torn apart if it is approached by a space crack.
“Abnormal!” Wang Xuan and Jian Xianzi were shocked. They had no choice but to quickly enter the furnace and fasten the lid to avoid the killing power of the ten thousand swords cutting through the void.
Endless sword light fell, and thousands of clouds of smoke rose from the chopped health furnace. Immortal light was like rain, and black cracks fell, causing the furnace body to hum softly.
Fortunately, even space cracks can’t do anything to the treasure.
/“Kill!” As he shouted, fire was everywhere, the sun’s fire essence poured down, the true fire of Taiyin was overwhelming, and the earth fire of Jiuyou swept across the sky. It became a world of fire. There was no ordinary fire, everything was made of talismans. A fire composed of textual rules.
The health-preserving furnace was red-hot, and much of the firelight was brought from the void, through the spiritual world, and from various higher spiritual planes.
These fires are the embodiment of rules, the interweaving of order, smelting all things, and it can be said that it is easy to burn the returning gods and immortals in this world.
The health furnace trembled, inspiring unparalleled power, holding up the light curtain, rising and falling in the firelight. Although the whole body was burned to the dazzling light, it was still sacred and peaceful.
“We must get the Royal Dao Killing Formation!” Wang Xuan felt horrified and at the same time extremely eager. If he wanted to get the Killing Formation, he had to learn it.
“It’s a pity that the materials for the killing array are so hard to find. We haven’t refined the perfect array yet. After a battle, it will be in tatters.” He regretted that it was difficult to gather those heavenly materials in this era. Damn it, the only Yudao-level killing array has too high material requirements.
“Let’s run over!” Jiang Qingyao said. Passive defense is not in line with the philosophy of the Sword Immortal lineage. Attack is the best defense.
The health furnace glowed, and in the endless firelig

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