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After the mythical strongman was “killed” just now, they felt like a rabbit dying and a fox hurting its own kind.


Jan 27, 2024

“The originator of Gouchen Imperial Palace is still there. Look, he appeared and walked out of the twisted space. Oh my God, he disappeared quickly again. He drove the boat too fast!” Someone exclaimed.
It was indeed Gouchuan. He controlled the treasure, distorted time and space, and moved towards a battleship at a terrifying speed that exceeded everyone’s imagination.
He has very rich combat experience. Those metal fragments just now were some magic weapons that he threw out intentionally. They actively collided with the energy beam, flooding the world with light.
He himself drove the Xiaoyao boat and disappeared in an instant, dormant.
“Kill!” Gouchuan was angry. Someone wanted to kill him. In this era, if his physical body was hit, it would indeed be unable to block it and his flesh and blood would explode, but he was sure that his soul could survive.
/But now that he has a treasure in hand, he has nothing to fear.
“The energy is not very sufficient.” Soon, he felt helpless. Xiaoyaozhou had absorbed a large amount of super matter from the Royal Dao Gun, and now it was not so abundant.
Even so, he had to kill the enemy and scare him, otherwise he would not be able to leave and would be intercepted by the fleet.
Not long ago, Xiaoyaozhou was able to reach the vicinity of Mars from outside the moon in a flash, which shows how amazing its ultimate speed is. Now after locking onto an enemy ship, it kills it instantly.
Many space probes have lost one person and one boat. Only Wang Xuan’s spiritual eye caught their traces.
Just now, Wang Xuan was also bombarded, but he avoided it. He couldn’t help but look in the direction where Mu Qing came from, showing cold murderous intent.
A terrifying big explosion occurred. In the distance, a large warship disintegrated and was torn apart by the earthly immortal’s treasure Xiaoyao Zhou.
The warship’s various alerts and protections failed, and it failed to lock in advance and fail to block the treasure!
“What is going on? Why do I feel like the picture has slowed down? Everything seems to be turning to stillness, and time seems to be frozen!”
Everyone who saw this scene was full of doubts. Countless people were watching the live scenes and were puzzled. Those scenes were too abnormal.
Then, people saw that Xiaoyao Zhou cut the huge battleship from the middle through the nearly static space at a not very fast speed, like plowing a field, so powerfully cutting through the hull until it After passing, the silent scene returned to normal.
/With a bang, a large warship disintegrated, exploded, and was destroyed as Xiaoyao Zhou rushed past.
This shocking scene left many people in a daze, deeply puzzled, extremely shocked, and then in an uproar.
“It’s terrible. What is going on? Can anyone explain it to me?”
Someone shouted to Zhou Yaosheng and Li Tianxian to clear their doubts. Ordinary people were a little confused by the current situation, and the

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