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r of the moon, and various star skeletons, densely packed in the sky and separated from the surface.


Jan 26, 2024

The real target is wrapped in a cloud of mist, sometimes visible, sometimes hidden, appearing and disappearing among mountains, planets, and rivers of sun and fire.
A large number of scenery are related to spirituality.
After arriving here, several people got out of the spaceship and stood in a hidden place, staring at the void ahead.
The spaceship shrunk to an inch long and fell into Chanque’s hands.
Suddenly, a terrifying wave that made even the true immortals palpitate came out, the fog exploded, and in the mysterious area of ??the Heaven Sacrifice, an extremely powerful light broke through the sky.
Even those who broke the limit, their faces turned pale and their bodies staggered backwards. The fluctuations were too terrifying, vast and unpredictable, as if the will of the universe was awakening and examining all living beings!
“Sacrifice to the sky, use my blood as a guide, intercept the rules of the sky, and merge them into the body!” There are mental fluctuations, like the ups and downs of the sea of ??stars, like the collision of the great world, stirring up the waves of the supreme rules of the great era, which is extremely terrifying.
There was actually a sound coming out, and that kind of fluctuation in consciousness was as majestic as the sky pressing down, and like an endless abyss, which made the true immortals who broke the limit turn pale.
“There are living things here, extremely powerful creatures?” Wang Xuan’s expression changed. He originally thought he was going to explore the ruins, but now it seems that it is not the same thing.
Are you preparing to extract fortune from the important place where an inexplicable extraordinary civilization is located?
“It’s hard to explain this kind of place, but you’ll know it after entering. It’s a place where time and space are messed up, and everything is weird.” Qi Miao informed.
That kind of fluctuation tears apart the fog of top-level extraordinary matter, revealing part of the truth in the core area.
There are no ruins, and there is no desolation to speak of. It is a grand area with alternative architectural styles, such as modern ecological gardens, landscape cities, fairy mountains and dojos. The buildings built with various rare materials look very suitable. Residence.
In the center of the area, there were sparse high-rise buildings, and there was a huge dojo. A vague creature stood on a high platform to “sacrifice the sky.”
/The entire giant city, as well as the hazy city in the distance, were very quiet, as if the buildings were deserted and no one else could be seen, leaving only one creature.
The dazzling light burst out, and the resulting supreme texture merged into a vessel on the high platform, where there was a bloody arm.
Wang Xuan found that his understanding was wrong. This was not like offering sacrifices to heaven, but treating Tianze as prey, and that creature was intercepting heaven’s creation.
“What level of creature is t

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