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uan said and let him go.


Jan 26, 2024

“That’s my cup!” Hong Teng had a look of dissatisfaction on his dark face.
When Yuan Hong heard this, he was shocked and almost dropped the cup. Finally, he placed it heavily on the table, and the jade cup was deeply embedded in the table.
Then, Wang Xuan went over to clink glasses one by one. These people were not from small backgrounds. They were all unruly people. How could they swallow their heads after being smashed? All extremely hateful.
However, as Wang Xuan “touched” them all the way, put his hands on their heads with a sneer to “apologise” and “comfort” them, although they were shocked and angry, they were still shocked.
It was obvious that this was a process of re-engagement and confrontation. It looked calm, but they were really fighting each other. As a result, no one could resist and no one could avoid it.
They were all held down forcefully by the young man with a smile, and they touched their heads again, clinking glasses and drinking with him heartily.
This knot is big!
But Wang Xuan didn’t care. He had found no such person and was about to leave. He didn’t care whether they were in a good mood or not. He just wanted to avoid causing trouble for the time being.
If this was a wilderness, he would guarantee that several people would explode and rest completely.
Cai Wei, Hong Teng, and An Hong witnessed the whole process, and they all felt relieved, especially Yanque, who was angry after being slapped in the face by Yuan Hong earlier.
Now, one after another, these people were touched and patted on the head by Wang Xuan twice, which made him feel happy.
Of course, besides Yanque, Qi Miao and Chengtian are also wondering, what’s going on with Qin Cheng? Why did he suddenly become so violent? He was so tough today.
Wang Xuan toasted all the way, and the last one was Liu Guang, but he ignored her and ignored her. Who knows whether Yanque will become a great tengu in the future.
/This time she wasn’t touched on the head. Liu Guang let out a long breath and also felt something strange. This fierce man didn’t take her seriously at all. He lifted the lid when he needed to, and ignored when he needed to. He was cold and strong.
Wang Xuan’s thoughts are flying, and his heart is no longer here. Where will he go next? After he went to the academy and obtained two scriptures, it was time for him to travel far.
As for whether there are thorns on the road or whether there are people blocking it, it doesn’t matter to him. If it’s really an eyesore, then it’s not a touch!
Wang Xuan felt that this was it for today, everyone went back to their respective homes, and we were so far away from each other. Some people might be difficult to see each other again in this life.
However, several angry true immortals did not leave immediately. Yuan Hong and others suffered such a heavy loss today. They accepted it for the time being. They felt that Wang Xuan was terrible and could not fall out on the spot.
But leaving like this is really bitter and uncomfortable. If word spreads, they may no

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