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d, clusters of flames rose up, and the spiritual energy fluctuated hugely.


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I haven’t found a photo of Zhong Cheng yet, so I’m sending a photo of Zhong Qing. I don’t know how long it will take for review to come out.
Wang Xuan raised his head, took one step forward, and crossed the sky with his physical body. With the light of his sword, he stepped on the five-color super matter and went straight to the outside of the old land.
In the outer space of the old land, clusters of sacred flames spread from near to far, like a quiet road, spreading into the dark depths of the universe.
The pool of life appeared in his hands, and he walked forward. Was this deliberately attracting him?
As it approached, clusters of flames and streams of light fell, as if there was a soft veil covering the cold void of the universe.
He frowned, because he saw the birth, old age, illness and death of the people around him, some of which he had already experienced, and even seeing them now made him feel heavy.
As he went deeper, he not only saw Zhong Cheng and Zhong Qing dying soon, but Chen Yongjie, Qingmu, and Lao Zhong would also pass away one after another. The scenes were silent but made him feel depressed.
In the great era before us, even the extraordinary ones have died silently. In the end, there are no more immortals, gods, or even an old friend.
The lifeless, silent sadness makes people feel suffocated and about to suffocate.
“Gujin, aren’t you gone?” Wang Xuan asked, who else in this world can conceal his divine sense and interpret the “scene” so realistically?
Only in ancient and modern times, back then, he had fallen into the special scenes caused by it.
Sure enough, the flames faded and luminous traces appeared. They were like footprints from ancient times to the present, one after another, leading to the vast void of the universe.
“Life is a dream, whoever takes it seriously will lose.” Gu Jin said.
Wang Xuan stared at the starry sky and looked at these luminous footprints, and his heart suddenly shook. Could it be that they have always been in this universe from ancient to modern times?
His ears were buzzing, and his blood flow was speeding up, like a roaring river. Hearing it in his heart was like thunder piercing the dark night sky.
/Could it be that the life and death separations he had experienced over the years were all just a dream?
/In the past, since he set foot on the moon, searching for the past and present, he fell into that very frightening scene and never really exited?
Has he been living in a grand “scene” created by ancient and modern times?
Wang Xuan was silent, finally sighed and shook his head. Perhaps it was because there were too many dead people around him, and it was too heavy. He had a subconscious desire, hoping that everything would not be real.
However, after calming down, he was convinced that all the experiences were true.
“Is this the mark you left?” Wang Xuan asked, telling the truth.
“Yes, a generation has passed away, joys and sorrows, and the vicissitudes of life. We have exper

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