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on the road was really courageous. Is this possible?


Jan 26, 2024

After Wang Xuan took it, he naturally couldn’t watch it alone. He watched it with a group of young fairies such as Suzaku and Peacock.
/There were strands of light in his eyes, and he calmly saw the endless texture of this piece of Taoist bone with his spiritual eyes. This object was indeed the tangible carrier of Tao.
In Wang Xuan’s spiritual world, he saw billions of thunders, the birth and death of stars, the collapse of galaxies, part of the process of the transformation of living beings into the Dao, and then, he saw a terrifying existence explode. It seemed like there were beings outside the world who were taking action against him.
Unfortunately, the process is too vague and the battle cannot be traced. If the deduction continues, Wang Xuan will inevitably be exposed.
After he memorized the endless texture of this bone, he was about to send it away. This thing would definitely not last long in his hands.
All the young fairies in the group of relatives and friends are reluctant to leave.
Wang Xuan was going to give it to the next person, which was an old man from the Nine Heavens of True Immortals. This person had a smile on his face and was going to buy it.
“It’s almost done, let’s present it.” Someone said calmly in the sky of Huoyun City. Sure enough, there was an unpredictable force coming.
The old man immediately retracted his hand and did not dare to pick it up.
Sky Demon Zhu Chuan’s expression changed slightly. Someone actually followed him and knew that he had obtained the strange bone. Fortunately, he didn’t plan to hide it secretly, otherwise it would be in danger.
“I don’t know which fellow Taoist is here. If you need it, feel free to take it to observe.” Zhu Chuan said.
“It’s taken away, not observed.” A paper figure appeared in the sky. The thin piece of paper looked fragile, but it gave people an incomparable sense of oppression.
Wang Xuan was shocked, it was the paper man again? This one is stronger, more powerful than the last one, perhaps a creature at a transcendent level. On the paper man’s eyebrows, there is an ancient word written on it: Tao!
/At first, no one recognized the word, but when they looked at it a little, they immediately perceived its true meaning, which is the embodiment of the original meaning of Tao.
Wang Xuan felt that this force was simply lingering. The paper figures appearing at this level might have come to take revenge on the co-owners, but now they have entered the corresponding true immortal world.
“Give it to me.” A monster covered in long yellow hair appeared in the sky, shrouded in chaotic energy, a little blurry, but somewhat like a weasel.
No one dares to despise the immortals. At this level, even if it is a mouse, it has to be respected by all parties after it has the strength to look down on the heavenly demon.
The paper man is sneering, and his consciousness is fluctuating. If it were converted into the words of Wang Xuanmu’s universe, it would be a mockery of a “great immortal” species lik

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