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is old ant appeared in its true form and did not transform in front of people. The whole body seemed to be made of abyssal black gold, black and shiny, with a flowing and stunning crystal luster.


Jan 26, 2024

“I will sell the rare items now. If you have like-minded Taoists later, please come to me in the cave.” The two-meter-long old ant spoke. When it moved slightly, the surrounding space became distorted.
Then, people were dazzled. It was indeed a legendary creature in the pirate world, and it brought out too many good things from those magical time and space scenes.
“There is actually a heavenly medicine!”
/“Wait a minute, what is that? A basin of astral sand can be used to refine a large cave. Is he going on an expedition? This is obviously a purchase!”
Many extraordinary beings were shocked. Even though they knew that the space traveler Hell Black Ant was famous in this field, they were still stunned when they saw various strange objects.
Good things were revealed one after another, and all parties were bidding for them. Soon people discovered that some of them were official visitors, such as the great sects of the neighboring star regions and the co-lord’s mansion.
“This bottle of medicinal liquid is very special and extremely precious. It can help heaven-level extraordinary people have the opportunity to break through into the ‘super peerless’ realm.”
When a thumb-long miniature crystal bottle was taken out and introduced by the Hell Black Ant himself, all parties went crazy. Maybe it could create a top master!
Who is not tempted?
Whether it’s the wild immortals who don’t want to enter the true immortal world, some fugitives, or the major sects, no one is jealous.
Because the realm of some co-owners is also in the realm of transcendence.
There are only a few drops of liquid in the thumb-sized bottle, which is golden in color and swaying with a dreamlike brilliance. It is reported that its ingredients may contain a small amount of real medicine or Taoist medicine.
For a time, some extraordinary dynasties, top sects, and some co-lord mansions in certain star regions began to bid wildly. Who doesn’t want to add a great master?
“If someone can come up with a piece of Yudao’s strange bone, I will give it to him immediately.” Hell Black Ant said.
There are more and more people on this large meteorite, including Xia Qing, the noble daughter of the Changsheng Dynasty, Luo Ying from the Black Peacock Clan, and Mo Qing from the Golden Que Palace.
In the end, someone really took out half a strange bone and provided some magical objects, etc., in exchange for the crystal bottle from the hell black ants.
An old demon king reminded: “If you give the throne to those who have evil thoughts, ulterior motives, and want to intercept and kill them on the way, I advise you to give up your thoughts as soon as possible. The behemoth behind the fellow Taoist who participated in the bidding is definitely not You can provoke me. Of course, if you are a stranger and have prohibited items in your hands, just pretend I didn’t tell yo

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