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the ignorant and ignorant king angrily, annoyed that he had humiliated the saint and committed such a heinous act.


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Yuanshi Tianzun was the most angry. What kind of level was Shen Gongbao? How could he be qualified to compete with him on the same stage, let alone the two saints Jie Yin and Zhunti beside him.
Lu Bei did not explain and blocked the west gate, not giving the Three Saints the possibility to escape.
The clouds formed rain and pointed into swords. Thousands of Taoism gathered together to establish the twelve earthly branches, which were surrounded by yin and yang and the five elements to form the physical body. Twelve bronze figures were lined up in a row, taking the twelve branches from all directions, and based on the earth magic, corresponding Twelve months of heavenly magic.
The twelve bronze men connect the sky and the earth, connecting this side of heaven. As soon as they appear, Yuanshi Tianzun withdraws his contempt and anger.
Ah this
Where did the variables come from? When did Shen Gongbao become so capable?
This kind of operation to cause internal and external troubles is exactly the same as the three demons from Xuanyuan Tomb entering the palace to confuse the foolish king.
It turned out that long before everything happened, long before he laid out his plans, Tongtian had already made a move and countered all his tricks one by one.
Junior brother, is this still you?
Jie Yin and Zhunti didn’t believe it. They admitted that Hunjun was the best among saints, but they didn’t admit that a random passerby could suppress a saint one on three.
Impossible, absolutely impossible!
/Ever since, Yun Zuoyu showed the three saints of Yuanshi Tianzun what it means to be invincible for a lifetime.
He didn’t play the crushing game of Qi Li Jing, nor did he take a leisurely stroll like Lu Bei. It was a little difficult to beat three, and he was at a disadvantage when facing each other.
But soon, taking advantage of the east wind, the fire started raging. Under the pressure from the outside, he became stronger and stronger, and gradually took the initiative and fought against the Three Saints.
Lu Bei stood aside and watched, shaking his head and being very disappointed. Although Xiaoyun’s basic base was not high, it was not something that the Three Saints of the Conferred God World could hold up. Dongfeng’s back strength was insufficient, and he still lacked the heavy medicine of Laozi. .
Suddenly, purple energy came from the distance, and I, who was refining alchemy in the Bajing Palace, stepped into the Immortal Killing Formation.
If you don’t come, it won’t work. Variables are coming one after another, and the status of the saint is not guaranteed. If he continues to stay out of the matter, he will not be able to do nothing in the future.
Governance by inaction does not mean to do nothing and stand aside and watch, but it means not to intervene and let everything run on its own.
All things operate under the laws of Tao and are constrained by Tao. No matter how they change, they must not violate

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