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ancestors, and Yuan Zhao, who cultivated two souls.


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I really didn’t expect that he would persist for the same period of time for fifteen days.
“Brother, that bowl of medicinal food is so powerful!” He secretly transmitted a message and told Wang Xuan that when he was about to die, the energy accumulated in the medicinal food came into play.
Originally, the natural swordsman, the silver sword of the long-billed Silver Crane Clan, and the roc bird were all against him and wanted to persevere until the end, but in the end they made him lose his temper, and he became physically weak and mentally weak. , the two went to practice.
“Don’t get addicted to the medicine. Find a place to recuperate yourself.” Wang Xuan said.
“I know, I don’t think it’s a big problem. Just go back and take a long nap.” Wu Xingtian nodded.
Then, he was dragged away by several old men from the Black Peacock Clan. From their original observation, they were very optimistic about him, and they gave him two Five Elements books, as well as spiritual scriptures.
During this period, several old men also “consulted” Wang Xuan, and they were all surprised and puzzled. This sutra had no impact on him? No changes for good or bad.
They could only frown and let him continue practicing under observation.
From this day on, Wang Xuan officially began to “march” toward his parietal bone, guiding the field of mutation in this direction.
On the same day, Heng Cheng and Yuan Zhao came back. They rested for ten days and started working hard again, preparing to thoroughly master the first chapter and complete the cycle.
When they learned that Wang Xuan had persisted for ten days, they looked calm. When they learned that Wolverine had endured for fifteen days, tying their record, they were slightly shocked.
Although it is a small part, it is amazing. Changes will create trends and eventually form a scale.
You must know that in the realm of true immortals, it is too difficult to take the path of becoming a Yudao. Generally, it is only “on the surface”, which is a half-real and half-imaginary texture of the Yudao.
The last time Wang Xuan borrowed the mysterious light in the God’s Nest, he truly formed the texture. After reaching this point, on this basis, there were new changes today. How could he not be happy?
“It’s confirmed, this is the direction!” He was very satisfied that this scripture was useful to him, and unexpected results might occur.
/He even speculated that the change in the transformation of the parietal bone into a Taoist priest might eventually lead to an improvement in the Taoist conduct, or even a legendary change in the Taoist conduct.
This time, Hengcheng and Yuanzhao came in and practiced for the 10th day. They were a little tired again, but the effect was very good. They completed the cycle.
When they opened their eyes, they found that Wang Xuan was still there. Did he persist for 20 days? The two were shocked.
/Even the first elder and the second elder came and looked at Wang Xuan with a strange expression.
Of course, they did not

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