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the clothes of this person are very cosmic. Wang Xuan has dressed like that in the past, so this cannot be regarded as an accident or coincidence.


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“Who is this person?” Even he himself changed his appearance and did not walk in the world with his true appearance. As a result, this person suddenly changed and became him. Is this nostalgia or malice?
He didn’t follow him on the road at that time. In the opinion of his old friend, he probably had no chance. After all, his level was too low at that time and he was just traveling freely.
Later, Gu and Jin took away two groups of people one after another. Some people witnessed his rapid growth process in the era of exhaustion, and they could have some reverie.
/Are they Fang Yuzhu, Yan Mingcheng, Lao Zhang, and Jian Xianzi? Or the people like Chen Yongjie, Qingmu, and Lao Zhong? Or maybe an enemy? !
/“Are the frigates of the Taichu Mothership so idle? Taking pictures everywhere they pass by?” Wang Xuan asked.
Mobile phone Qiwu said: “Of course not. It’s all because this person is very special. Otherwise, how could he be screened out and get special attention.”
That frigate is amazing. It has copied a very powerful ability of the Taichu Mothership, and can observe all kinds of special “Qi” in a person.
Previously, taking pictures could only be regarded as a physical means, but this replica of the forbidden level of “qi watching” ability can be regarded as one of its extraordinary means.
The mobile phone wonders explained that that person was very different, possessing an inexplicable aura of death, and seemed destined to die. However, there was another aura that seemed to herald great fortunes, and they were entangled with each other.
Of course, the most important thing is that this person may have a breakthrough, and may be promoted into the realm of aliens, which is high and overlooks the sea of ????stars.
The restrained blood and special spiritual energy that was about to break through attracted the attention of the space battleship. It was sensed from a distance and then took pictures.
On a normal day, the Taichu Mothership would have paid attention, but at that time it was secretly tracking the mechanical Tengu, crossing the boundless sea of ????stars all the time. Even if the frigate reported it, it would not be able to stop at all.
“Are you from the mother universe? You are going to break through and become a stranger.” Wang Xuan’s eyes were deep. This matter is indeed not a small matter. The key is that the other party retains his appearance.
No matter what, he had to figure it out.
The mobile phone Qiwu said: “This person is cultivating his energy. He should try to break through the level in three to five days and be promoted to a stranger. There will be a lot of movement when he breaks through the level. As long as he is still in this starry sky, he will definitely not be able to hide it.”
Wang Xuan was silent, and then he found a nearby living planet to settle down, also wanting to find out if anything unusual had happened recently.
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