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transcendent being, his consciousness had not completely collapsed, and he had thought of too many things.


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He unexpectedly discovered such a huge secret. Is there any relationship between the True Saint Dojo Huaguo Mountain and the Five Tribulations Mountain?
“He is actually the saint grandson of Huaguo Mountain!” He shouted in his heart.
The so-called Holy Sun is the name given to Sun Wukong by all parties after the battle 20 years ago. Because he actually attracted the arrival of the True Saint, he is considered to be the direct descendant of the True Saint, and since his surname is Sun, he was called that.
“Shengsun, you are the Fourth Master!” Wang Xuan slapped him.
The man in black was in a disordered state of mind, full of regret, pain, and despair. He knew that today would definitely not end well, but he was really unwilling to do so.
Even if he is asked to yell out, he will spread this secret.
“He actually has five sets of fishing hooks on his body!” This also made his heart tremble. The master of the man in black had been searching for many years based on clues, but only found one causal fishing rod in the ruins.
All of this happened in a flash.
When the two fishermen hurt each other, in the end, the one with more hooks had the absolute advantage and took revenge with five times the pain.
Wang Xuan finished it in one go without any pause. In the process of rushing over to search for the soul, he had already deprived the other party of his storage bracelet and took out a brand new jacket, which was exactly the same style as the man in black.
At the same time, Wang Xuan’s appearance was changing, becoming the appearance of a man in black, and then even the spirit’s aura was imitating it and changing accordingly.
“Guixu!” Wang Xuan whispered. Through soul searching, he found out the true saint dojo behind these people. The name of that behemoth was Guixu.
This is an ancient and terrifying dojo. The true saint in Guixu and the true saint in Wujie Mountain are enemies and are extremely powerful.
Wang Xuan’s heart was heavy, and then he picked up the body of the man in black and smashed it against the metal wall with a bang. Then he smashed it with a large shield and beat it into bloody mud.
Then, he refined it with the Jiyang Chapter Sutra, and the fire rose, and the flesh and blood turned to ashes. The remaining soul after being soul-searched also dissipated, and both body and soul were destroyed.
All of this, from throwing hooks, to shooting arrows, to soul searching and transformation, and erasing the last traces of the man in black, Wang Xuan was so fast that it was dazzling, and all actions were completed in an instant like clouds and flowing water.
He put away the fishing hook, opened the metal hatch, and walked out calmly.
/Regardless of whether those in the mothership heard or were alert, he was calm, walking firmly and powerfully, ready to start an all-out hunt!
The woman in the red dress has opened the hatch of the Demon Sealing Room. This place is very special. There are nine levels o

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