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re is no talisman formation, no mirror wheel, no divine flower cave light.


Jan 21, 2024

Perhaps the only strange thing is that the old voice is mixed with magic power and echoes between the mountain gates, but with such momentum, ordinary monks in the foundation-building realm can also do the same.
Thinking about it this way, perhaps the skinny figure of Danxia’s mother sitting cross-legged in the sky only left the impression of “old”.
More than one person thought of this, but for no reason. They immediately became frightened. They just felt that such an idea was too disrespectful. Amidst the repeated fear and panic, whatever profound meaning of Yuanli was expounded in the old voice was also lost. They ignored it.
/A long time passed.
In the quiet Tingchang Mountain, under the cover of layers of clouds, the old voice of Danxia’s mother sounded again.
“Water, fire, lead, mercury, and separation, this is a truth that almost all monks in the Qi refining stage can understand. But when it comes to internal alchemy, it may take a day, or it may take a lifetime. This is a true thoroughfare. , until the essence of Tao and Fruit of the Golden elixir great monk.
Among the various methods of our sect, the “Huangting Wuhuo Sanyang Jue” and “Xuanque Zishui Qiyuan Jue” are both the ancient scriptures of the Xuan family. They are the most pure in spirit and high in principle. Grandma has already pointed out the way for you. Today, I will stop here. ”
When the words fell, the cultivators who were listening all over the mountains and fields suddenly seemed to wake up from a dream. The stone and clay sculptures that had originally appeared all came to life. As they clasped their fists and cupped their hands, the sounds of worship from the mountains and the sea resounded through the sky. .
“On the nine-story spiritual platform, in the Eight Treasures Purple Mansion.”
“After a thousand tribulations, he was stationed in Tingchang. He controlled all kinds of magic and was called Danxia.”
“Crossing the Magpie Bridge and spreading the sweet rain, crossing Kunlun and subduing the dragon and tiger.”
The chanting and chanting of various cultivators continued, and the rumble was like thunder.
The mountain wind roared by, rolling up the haze in the sky, intertwining it into more beautiful colors.
/Suspended on the top of the mountain, Old Mother Danxia exhaled a breath of turbidity. When she looked again, her old face actually had a bit of rosy color.
In fact, Du Zhan said that he wanted Chu Weiyang to prepare early, but Chu Weiyang didn’t have much preparation except for being confident.
He is not like a jade snake. He is just one step away from the foundation-building realm, and there is some huge entry bottleneck that he is about to cross.
Perhaps it was because the coolness of that night had never dissipated in Tao’s heart. The irritability of this hot summer made Chu Weiyang feel bored for no reason, having lived in a grotto for a long time.
At some point, the feeling of urgency that had been suppressed by Chu Weiyang rose up again i

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