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‘s body was like an invisible string, which was pulled by Chu Weiyang. During this process, it was tapped on the fingertips, and suddenly and vigorously moved along with the brushing of the seal.


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So, in an instant, with such a square inch of sky, a breath of time stretched out in the wind of time, and with this extended frozen time, a torrential rain of Xumi light fell on the world.
When Chu Weiyang revealed such supreme Taoism between heaven and earth, when the wind and rain that were extremely natural included all the escaping light of all cultivators, at this moment, Chu Weiyang was able to What I felt clearly was that from the escaping light that seemed to be imprisoned in the years and Sumeru as the source, there was a majestic and unparalleled Taoist charm rising into the sky.
They seem to be penetrating through the sky, penetrating the years and Xumi, and seeming to be shaking up the turmoil of Taoism in a way that shakes the dim ocean.
In an instant, Chu Weiyang felt the majestic and unspeakable pressure.
Taoism is indeed mysterious, but firstly, Chu Weiyang has not yet transformed and sublimated from it. Secondly, there are too many figures included in the wind and rain at this moment. Chu Weiyang is using his own power to fight with the two. The various cultivators in Jie Tian Wushu are wrestling with each other, competing with the shaking sky and the boiling ocean.
And it was during this process that Chu Weiyang was getting more and more strenuous, the glow belonging to the supernatural power, as Chu Weiyang’s seal was thrown away, as the dao and the magic thread were stirred, the same riot began here. Among Fang Tianyu!
Amidst the steaming of Zhuo Zhuo Yuhua, the magical power of “Nine Breaths of Convincing Qi” dispersed in all directions in an instant. To be more precise, this moment was Chu Weiyang’s reverse practice of the magical power of “Nine Breaths of Convincing Qi”. By using it, at this moment, wherever the radiance and charm of all magical powers arrive, when the wind of time arrives, the rain of Sumeru will arrive!
And at this moment, the dim and turbid air that filled the sky was refined in the “Nine Breaths of Convincing Qi”. In an instant, in the turbid evil, the dark five colors transpired, and the real jade light and turbid brilliance even taught the wind of time to see what it is. A truly pure dark gray color!
At this moment, Chu Weiyang’s physical Taoist body and the gray red jade mirror became the source of Taoism.
But the true prosperity of Taoism originated from this twilight and troubled world!
This is heaven and earth shaking heaven and earth, this is the vast ocean fighting against the vast ocean!
/And with the reflection of such magical power, almost instantly, the wind and rain evolved to the extreme, the strong wind whirled into a wind blade vortex, and the torrential rain was like a torrent rushing from top to bottom.
This is the manifestation of the eternally flourishing magic power of “Nine Breaths of Convincing Qi”!
Immediately afterwards, when such majes

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