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golden shell of origins, it is difficult for mobile phones to make huge noises.


Jan 19, 2024

Seeing that he was so calm, the mobile phone wonder felt that the confidence in his heart was close to being “arrogant”. It asked hesitantly: “Have you really broken 6 before? Could it be that you have broken 6 twice?”
“Guess.” Wang Xuan said, and a crucial scripture appeared in front of his eyes, with light gold words floating up.
“I’ll chop you to death!” Mobile Phone Qiwu didn’t want to talk about martial ethics with him anymore.
In the mother universe, 269 years have passed, the extraordinary has come to an end, all laws have decayed, and everything is heading towards the end of the extraordinary.
Today, we are facing the darkest moment. The invisible umbrella slowly descends due to cause and effect, and the essential radiation arrives, which is the ultimate eternal silence.
Ordinary people cannot see it and still live a normal life without being affected in any way. Only extraordinary people can see it, and the mist is gradually falling, but how many extraordinary beings can there be in this era?
The Umbrella of Eternal Silence, the most mysterious phenomenon, appeared. It was extremely terrifying and instantly froze the remaining extraordinary beings!
In the old land, Wang Xuan’s hometown of Yuncheng, his parents Wang Zesheng and Jiang Yun soared into the sky, passed through the fog, and walked in outer space.
They did not escape, nor could they bypass the Umbrella of Eternal Silence that affected more than one piece of the decaying universe. The two of them crossed calmly and walked towards the depths of the thicker fog.
Wang Xuan “looks forward to death” because he just doesn’t want to say it and wants to hold back the strange mobile phone to death. Anyway, he knows that it can’t really attack him.
“The Riddler, right? How dare you tantalize me? Will your moral character decline if you tell me?” The mobile phone was restrained by the magic object, and the thunder in the dark could appear at any time.
From some perspectives, it’s a trap, but it’s still principled.
/Of course, the premise of speaking of principles is that it will probably never find such a powerful and “perverted” ultimate true immortal again.
Wang Xuan said: “Am I not imitating your style? I never talk about the old saints, and I never saw you give me a supreme scripture. Every time you speak, you only speak half of it. Have you really experienced the 23rd century?”
/It was no problem to tell him about Lu Po, but when he saw that the mobile phone was not calm, he became particularly calm and treated the other person in his own way.
The mobile phone wonder said: “What is your situation? If you can really open up the world and break through the limit of the True Immortal Realm six times, I will give you a supreme scripture on the realm of Yudao.”
“How does it compare to the “Galaxy Body Cleansing Sutra”?” After hearing this, Wang Xuan immediately became energetic.
“You’re still picky!” The mobile phone object despised him, but when it came to the clas

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