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nt with them setting rules and restricting those dangerous elements, because the Qin family is also pursuing power in this area, taking the genetic super body route.


Jan 19, 2024

The moon crater collapsed and continued to sink, and the forbidden area was destroyed.
The curtain disappeared, and the man and the world behind him faded into nothingness.
However, at the last moment, Wang Xuan heard his desperate low roar again: “Old Testament, did I betray you, or did you betray me? I’ll pay the price for you!”
What is this situation?
Then, Wang Xuan saw a big hand appearing on the completely dimmed moon surface, bloody and broken, which was quite terrifying.
Then the palm was divided into two, and four-fifths of the part exploded, turning into a rain of light and falling towards the base.
This time when people saw the light, they were all shocked. They watched the “raindrops” sink into the protective layer, and it was too late to avoid them.
There was no confrontation between Zhengyiguan and Baima Temple this time. There was no Yang Pingzhi Du Gong Seal showing his power, nor was the Buddhist “Swastika” manifested.
Without saying a word, Wang Xuan drew out his dagger and held it in front of him. He then pulled Qin Cheng to his side and stared nervously in the air!
The blurred curtain flashed for the last time, as if it had moved hundreds of millions of miles away, completely gone, and disappeared without a trace.
The remaining one-fifth of the palm rose into the sky and disappeared into the deep air in the blink of an eye.
Ordinary people still didn’t see the severed hand, only the strange light rain.
“This is the price, and it is also revenge!” Wang Xuan raised his head, and he guessed where the severed hand went.
The palm of the hand moved away at great speed, began to burn, and shed light rain along the way.
There is no doubt that if you want to intervene in the present world, you need to integrate with the real world in order to use the power here.
“Block that rain of light and fire!” The super battleship scanned the abnormal energy material and sounded the alarm.
“Start the warp drive!”
/However, it seemed that it was too late, the light rain was approaching, and although they dispersed the light rain, the alarm was still sounding.
/They can’t see the severed hand!
Everyone screamed, their spirits were shattered, and many people died on the spot.
“Open the protective shield!” Someone roared for the last time, and there was a bang. As soon as he finished the order, his eyes dimmed and his spirit collapsed.
Finally, the severed hand was split into two, and half of it manifested, gradually solidifying into light, and with a bang, the entire super battleship was shattered.
A dazzling light erupted in the deep sky. At this time, it was not just one force that was paying attention, but many families, all of whom were shocked.
I thought that the dust had settled and everything was a foregone conclusion. Who would have thought that such a change would happen in the end.
There was a sighing sound in the deep air, c

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