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o was already very old and was about to kick off his legs and die forever, came out and talked a lot of nonsense while stumbling.


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Seeing that his second uncle was about to leave in a few days, Lu Bei thought about whether to send him to the list in advance. If he died of old age and couldn’t become a god, it would be a huge loss.
After a while, Lu Bei understood. Bigan’s meaning was briefly summarized. A country that is warlike will perish. Eight hundred princes from all directions are in rebellion. Chaoge cannot pacify them all anyway. Instead of wasting people, money and money, which is thankless and thankless, it is better to do something simple and effective. of.
He advised Lu Bei to issue an edict to appease the people of the world.
Lu Bei curled his lips: “Come here, drag Fei Zhong and You Hun down and give them twenty canes.”
The two old treacherous ministers were dragged out of the hall with expressionless faces. They didn’t even bother to shout out that they were wronged. There was no one else but familiar hands.
Listening to the sweet sound of the blow, Lu Bei cleared his throat: “Guhunjun, I have worked hard to establish a reputation. How can I destroy my medal just because eight hundred princes rebelled? I have ordered Mingjun to do it, but I don’t even bother to do it.”
“I heard that Zhong is willing to lead the army to suppress the rebellion in Xiqi!”
/Wen Zhong knelt on one knee and was willing to lead an army of 200,000 to flatten Xiqi City.
From the perspective of national events, Xiqi dances the most fiercely and is the most suitable to kill chickens to scare monkeys.
From the perspective of being a god, with Xiqi gone, the eight hundred princes would calm down.
“Publish the decree, go to war in person, and complete the task in one battle. Complete the victory in one fell swoop.”
Lu Bei narrowed his eyes slightly. After continuous efforts, Xiaoyun successfully restored Brother Yun. He and Nuwa also became close allies as they became more and more closely connected.
Use this battle with Xiqi to completely end the Conferred God!
In May, around midsummer, it becomes increasingly dry.
The Yin and Shang armies started from Xiqi and headed straight for the Five Passes.
The five passes from west to east are Bishui Pass, Jiepai Pass, Chuanyunguan, Tongguan and Lintong Pass, which control the passage between Xiqi and Wangji. In addition, they guard Juelong Ridge, which lies between Xiqi and Nandu. At Qinglong Pass, the Yin Shang controlled the lifeblood of the entire Xiqi and the outside world.
Once many checkpoints are blocked, Yin Shang can block Xiqi’s entry and exit, completely blocking the opponent’s economic, political, military and other arteries.
The war was fought on the basis of comprehensive national strength. If the Yin Shang army just stood still, the Yin Shang could consume Xiqi to death.
/In fact, it is not the case. Xiqi is surrounded by mountains and rivers, and the land is fertile enough to be self-sufficient. She will not be consumed to death. She will only complete the ro

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